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The Spanish Gypsy Iluminatta
The Spanish Gypsy Iluminatta
Special Abilities NLP Psychic Healer & Counselor
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45 Years serving as a Neuro Linguistic Spiritual Healer, Shaman & Intuitive Practitioner. I receive accurate,deep, inspirational & transformational information, when you come see me after a few seconds Spirits Just Take Over
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Over 45 years as a Spiritual Practitioner. My Sessions are Inspirational & Directional. I bring the readings with special Angelic Messages as well as Spirit Guides Messages just for you. My readings are comfortable. I bring in to my readings, Integrity, Love, and gratitude. I send free minutes every week and I give my customers free follow up emails as well. Award-winning transformational Shaman, Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Master & Reiki Distance Spiritual Healer. Celebrating Over 10 THOUSAND stars, Los Angeles Radio Show Host and owner of a Lightworker's school famous in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and the Americas. I offer a deep details. Please read profile my services are not for everyone. Accurate Expert & Deep Reader!
Approach to Topics

My beloved, In readings, you need to be flexible as you are not speaking to God just Humans will special Intuitive abilities.

A- When you come to me ask please a direct question. Ask and you shall receive, vague questions brings ample answers.

B- Do not do general "let me see what you pick up readings". I am a 5 star globally known professional I respect my time and yours.

C - I do not have the ability to tell you exactly what someone out of 350 Billion people in the world is thinking in the moment. If I did I would be working with the current Presidential Administration telling intelligence what the Russian and Korean Spies and leaders are thinking. And I would not be charging $2.99 for that service.

D- I do not have the ability to tell you the name, phone number, and address of your future employer so you can go and get the job today if I did, there would not be unemployment in the US and if I had that power I would not be charging $2.99 for that service either.

F- Do not ask me when someone will die and how soon you can get the inheritance money because God is the only one who owns death and conception.

I do not have the ability to tell you the name, last name, phone number, address, the day, time and place where you will meet your soulmate if I did I would be working for the Millionaires matchmaker and I would not be charging $2.99 for that type of service either.

You don't have the ability to buy anyone's future with readings no matter if you pay $1 dollar or $40 dollars per minute and no matter how much you pay, timelines and even predictions can shift and change by the second.

It's against Keen's Policies to ask Legal or Health-related questions please don't ask as I can't violate Keen's policies.

If you are looking for a real, honest , spiritual, Intuitive reading, come to see me and arrange a call even after hours.

I am here to give all I can give, as much as I can give, for as long as I can breathe with honesty, clarity and wholesome spiritual enlightenment as I allow the Spirit to take over and heal and guide and love. Under the laws of the Divinity, in perfect divine order. and under the protection of the Archangel's Legions and protection for you and me. So under these words of clarity and love I invite you to come in so that we can experience the overflowing river of Spirit messages and guidance that will come to you and in that intention of love and honesty we will build your future together and we will manifest together the changes, the healing, the love, the wealth and the greatest version of your life ever!

Much Love and Great Powerful Reiki energies and vibes going your way

Hope to talk to you real soon!
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