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Past Lives
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Angel Readings
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For readings please provide your first name, and date of birth. If you are looking to do a mediumship session with me, please also provide the name of the person you are wanting to hear from.
I practice a few different skills in order to provide readings. To contact passed loved ones, I send out a message that you are here hoping to speak to the person you have in mind. It usually takes a few minutes to start receiving messages. I then can receive messages in words, feelings, and images. They are brought to me by your loved one to pass on to you. I may ask a few questions to clarify this is the correct person I have contacted. If you are hoping to receive a psychic reading, I will use a different method. For this reading I will read messages from your aura, and my gut. I will also ask for messages to come to me from Heaven, and our ancestors. I will always bring messages from a place of Peace. It is my job to be understanding and to bring you information that will help you succeed. I look forward to working with you!
Approach to Topics
During this reading I will use my gifts to bring messages from angels and higher beings. These messages can often be affirming and supportive of the life you want. I will always bring messages from a place of peace.

Code of ethics:

* It is my job to provide validation during the reading and to understand that no one is infallible including me.
* I will not predict death or create harm in any way that I am aware of consciously.
* I will not work on behalf of a client to manipulate another human being by using my foreknowledge of future events.
* I will work to give my clients insight that they can use to their advantage in making the right choices for them.
* I will not read a client unless given permission to access their energy, (ex. no serial reading another in a grocery line).
* It is my job to honor the client's free will to make choices, even if those choices are not in their best interests.
* I will accept a client's choice without judgement, and will do my best to help them make a better choice if asked to do so.
* I will present the information in a manner that will not cause any known harm to my client.
* I will stop the client from giving me too much information, before the reading, so that I can truly do my job and be intuitive.
* I will question my client only for clarification and not as a means of digging for information - I will not "go fishing" for knowledge.
* I will say what I think and/or know to be true, even if it upsets my client to hear what I have to say, because honesty is what is required of me.
* I will understand the responsibility and impact that a reading can have on a client and will not foster a dependency on the part of a client.
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