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Mediumship came through when my Mother passed. I use my gifts to help you to move through grief and discover the connection you already have with your loved ones, and train you how to connect with them in their new light body
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Otherworld Connections
***Please Choose Phone Call Option for Mediumship Readings. This allows me to connect fully to your loved one without typing.***
I have always been an intuitive and empath my entire life. When my Mother passed on she would send me Spirit Animals to guide me, enough that I wrote and published an Oracle book about them. Then, in 2014, my Mediumship gifts surfaced. I was working at Dallas Love Field Airport, and I started hearing names, and being physically pushed over.(I was the only one allowed behind the bar, and I am not a small woman)
One day I heard a name Arlene, and I didn't know who it went to, and we were extremely busy, so in my head I said: "I'm not going to sat anything, I don't know where the energy goes" At that very moment the man's glass who was in direct line with My energy, burst into a thousand pieces.(He was touching it) I called out to the right side of the bar if anyone had someone living or dead named Arlene, and that was the man in the corners girlfriend whose grandmother was coming through to advise him.
Later in my journey I was asked to move to Hawaii by a Hawaiian Kahuna elder, and lived in a heihau (sacred temple). Here I went through many initiations in my Spiritual walk with myself, and how to assist others in their personal Spiritual alignment(s). I continue to live on Kauai today, and she assists me with my work to bring through your loved ones.
My process is I hear and feel Spirit. I feel their emotions and personalities, and hear their inputs as if they are my own thoughts.
I do not see them like we see here in the physical world. It's like flashes of images or shadows. They give me their personalities, and little pieces of info at a time as the channel is opening, then it tends to have a flood of info. They use my signs, symbols, and pictures and experiences to help me know how to interpret their vibration and message. I prefer Mediumship readings to be done through a phone call. (It's very hard to type that fast🤣)
Please give me your name, and the name of the person you are intending to contact. Do know that that may not be who comes through, but what you NEED to move you through your grief is what Spirit will bring through.
Some signs and symbols may be for your family members as Spirit will give messages to where its needed, so just make a note. At times one loved one will come through first, and then another. I do my best to be an open channel to help you move through your grief, connect you to your loved ones, and help you understand how they are already communicating with you.
Approach to Topics

My approach to topics is coming from the place of compassion, healing, alignment to what you want. With Mediumship readings especially, my goal is the gift of healing, and to channel in the clearest way I can to help you get the closure and the knowing that your loved ones are with you. I broach these topics with grace and directness, while utilizing humor as well. Our loved ones will always infuse humor in their messages.
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