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Your Flickering Flame
Your Flickering Flame
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Flickering Flame has internationally read for over a thousand beings to help them understand and or find meaning to their difficult experiences inside of love and love/hate relationships.
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Flickering Flame was a psychic in her past life. She did not like being different. So she refused the gift. Now for this carnation she was born into a family that believed in superstition. Spitting on brooms and throwing salt over her left shoulder did not create happy times or good tidings in Flickering Flames life. So she tried love. And guess what? Love did not love her back. Then she tried again. He said he love her so she love him back. Then she got stuck. Stuck like chuck and could not move, twist or turn. Now she is scared. So she fell to her knees and she said god! A few weeks latter on a strange and interesting book showed up. It had her name on it. She answered the call and became of student of the information. It became her souls path as she discovered her close origins with Orion as a star seed.
Approach to Topics
Speaking With Your Flickering Flame for some will be like talkin' with your best friend, a keeper of your secrets, some of you a auntie, and others a grandma or another wise one. She is a conversationalist and each talk will be as different and unique as each of you. She works in different ways. Flickering Flame will pick up on some things and you will make some things more clear and her intuition speaks too. She do love readings with a energetic tone to them. She has angel readings and Spiritual guidance readings too. You can get them all or just one. Or you might just have something to say and want only a intuitive reading. She sometimes mix in a little astrology, and if there is something going on like a lunar moon and how it will effect your and your lovers mood she will know about it. She has psalms to help many situations. What ever best fit your situation or what you ask for. If you believe in when two gather together she can speak language of light for you while you mediate or pray. She will help you create your vision. She does not or will not take your power but Assist You. If your soul wants to speak you gotta call right away.~

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