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Client: “I’m calling you back because everything you told me before came true” What is your Truth? Christian Seer. Dedicated, confidential, trusted, proven, nonjudgemental. Fast! Helping you is my life’s purpose!
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Thank you for visiting my page. Having studied spirituality intensively over the last 40 years, I can share extraordinary my stories of near-death and out-of-body experiences, prophetic dreams, verified prophesy, and eerie paranormal visitors. Visions of Lady Di, Natalie Holloway, the Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick episode, the 2004 tsunami, are examples of some of my prophetic visions. Spirit guides are Zadok, Essene & teacher of Jesus, & St. Germain.

I am what is called a trance channel, empathic visionary. When you receive your reading, this visionary enters an alpha state of trance and also use the tools of Tarot, astrology, numerology, past-life regression, and remote viewing. Being a 5-sentient medium, loved ones frequently touch in with a message. Your questions are answered; however, not always in the order you ask them. The Cabala, Tibetan Buddhism, native-American tradition, as well as baseline Catholic Christianity are her basis to guide and advise. My nationality is Hungarian American.

Please remember, this is YOUR READING, therefore, whatever you wish to know, please ask. When you ask your question, your reading becomes more specific and time-considerate for you. It is sort of like going on vacation. When you open up the map to decide where to go, it is hard to make a choice because there are so many destinations. Your reading is the same way. Your chart is so very complex; therefore, the more specific you are in your questioning, the better answers you will get.

It is important to note, I do not relay fairy tales. I am not here to tell you what you want to hear, but what is your reality. This is what happens when you see one stars in my feedback... most times I did not tell them what they wanted to hear. The married lover is not leaving his/her family; You will not meet the person of your dreams sitting at home on your couch eating chips and drinking soda; The Internet catfish lover you have never spoken to on the phone is not going to show up at your doorstep; The boyfriend who ghosted you is still interested; And, I could go on. Whatever your problem, the Guides usually have a very good solution, if you are willing to take the advice offered.

Hearing your voice deepens the connection with the Guides. Most importantly, Dianna believes in the Gift of free-will; that by changing your attitude or your actions, you can change your life. NONJUDGEMENTAL CONFIDENTIAL

This reader is very cognizant of the financial aspects of your reading and does not dilly-dally around to waste your money. However, it does take just a minute or two to settle into your vibration to get your answers and direction. If you call with the attitude of, "Tell me", "Tell me in one minute", or want to play ‘Test the Psychic’, you probably will get very little information, because that thinking totally blocks the flow of energy. Spirit will give very freely, especially if you come to the table with a loving heart, and have just a tad of patience and allow the process to proceed.

Credentials: University educated: Doctorate in Metaphysics. Member: American Federation of Astrologers. Director: American Association of Psychic Advisers since 1995. TV and radio commercial work. Ordained Minister. Hypnotherapist. Featured exhibitor and speaker at Expos in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Ft. Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, and St. Paul.
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As soon as I hear your voice on the phone there is a connection to your energy, so hearing your voice and hearing you speak is what drives my connection with you. The Guides whisper to me, and will most times come out with a resounding 'Yes' or 'No' in answer to your questions. I do not stop to filter, or see if what The Guides say makes any sense to me, because the message is meant for you alone. I will tell you everything I am seeing and hearing...from the Tarot and also spiritual visions beyond the veil that appear before me, to my Guides who shout in my ear.

During your reading, I can see what 'could be' in your life. It is then up to you to make it happen. Your free will is respected for you to make your own choices. So, by changing your attitude or actions, you CAN change your life. Still, after almost 40 years, I do not understand this gift. I can only say, God uses me to bring forth the message to you. I am merely the conduit. I can only say this gift I have is a blessing. My resolve is to tell you only the Truth so you can be your best self. Let me help you now.

A reading from Dianna Spencer does not constitute legal, financial, or medical liability. 18+. I do not read for children, or predict death. Entertainment purposes only.
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