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If you’re looking for a Lie, keep scrolling by…. Not a fantasy reader. And my one five points are the proof! Fast, accurate, and direct! Love thy self
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I Past Life Gifted High Priestess: .
Native roots.

I can read without tools.

I Cant Read for anyone in the energy of Desperation, as this will trigger the wrong vibrations and typically the anxious can't properly take in the reading without getting upset.
Our voice alone carries the vibrations I pick up from. Being deathly silent won’t do you any favors. Pay for greatness.
I've been spiritually gifted since a child. My first vision was a dark shadow figure standing over my bed when I was young. I can see, feel, and hear things most can't. My readings are based on energy. If your energy is closed, the message can't fully be received. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO TURN DOWN READINGS IF MY SPIRIT FEELS YOU CANT HANDLE WHATS BEING TOLD: You frantically asking question after question is a sign that you’re mind and energy can no longer take my services. I will tell you that the reading must stop until you calm down. I will not be rushed.
I'm as honest as possible, please be prepared for all responses before contacting me. If we disconnect, I will email you immediately to finish service or send minutes for you to callback. : )
Reliable and accurate Spirit Guides. Many big entertainers have quoted me. I'm the one in the shadows that many take advice from. Here now to bless you with my special gifts. My approach is very direct and clear. My answers are confident, and what I say is how it's relayed to me.
I'm fun to chat with, and talk to, and so much will be revealed. I require you to just relax and let go of all your worries and stress. You will have so much clarity after our conversation. You will feel like a light bulb just went off in your head, but only if you're completely honest with yourself. My job is to relay the message, but you are in charge of what you do with it. Blessings : )

" I can lead you to the water, but I can't make you drink from it"
Approach to Topics
**No matter how many different ways you ask a question, my answer will remain the same based on current energy. Please don't get upset with what you set out to seek/ Psychic advice and answers.

**Spirit doesn't always owe you a timeframe**

**Sad energy usually can't take a blunt or honest reading. Please check your feelings prior to reading with an honest advisor, or your emotions can be triggered


Reviews From Real clients

"This advisor has really impressed me beyond words. 5 stars doesn't justify her accuracy and predictions. I have search long and hard to find someone like her. Yesterday's chat was so accurate it gave me goose bumps!! She does not sugar coat anything, does not give you false hopes, in fact she's puts you in the right direction. also not to mention she is very compassionate. Thank you so much, I will not change to another advisor, you are the real deal for me."

"I called this reader 5 days ago and it was my first time reading with her. She told me that my ex who I haven’t spoke to since October would be reaching out. Well today he did and we were on the phone for a lil over two hours. I will definitely call this advisor again!!!!"

"Omg!!! I wish I can give 100 stars because she’s amazing and accurate she said something to me that she saw and it was brought to me within 2 days just wow...If you haven’t read with her let me just say you are missing out completely give her a call"

Priced for serious callers.
Many Callers Say they "know" this and that as it pertains to their questions. ....Why ask then? (food for thought). Many want to debate the psychic for questions that are clearly lingering over ones head. Don't debate, just listen. : )
My Eyes are the portals to Souls
Gifted, Fast, and Detailed.
A reading will be thrown off if you ARE NOT SPECIFIC
Caller deception does have consequence. Please don't waste your money on testing. No 1 min reads.
Only Names and Direct Question, as well as last contact
No generals, it will pick up old energy
Priced for serious callers.
My Eyes are the portals to Souls
Gifted, Fast, and Detailed.
A reading will be thrown off if you ARE NOT SPECIFIC

No Career Currently********

-Husbands/Wives welcome
-Boyfriend/Girlfriends welcome
-Mistresses welcome
-LGBT welcome
-I'll tell you if they just want sex....
-I'll tell you if they are having an affair
-I'll tell you if you need to relax
-I'll tell you if you are dealing with an addict that won't change due to their addictions
-I’ll let you know if the relationship can be saved with solutions!
-You may not like what I say
-I'm addictive : )
-I can pick up on if you are still communicating with them and the situation at hand...
-All readings are personalized, no script used. You’ll be shocked at what I already know ;-)
You have free will, and I don't tell anyone what to do no matter how dysfunctional or toxic the situation is. Whatever floats your boat : ) Maybe you like a challenge (shrugs)
**Read My Disclaimer**
**Trick questions have Karma attached to it**
**No Generals**
**"But another psychic said..." <<<**FAST FAST FAST answers

-Clear your energy and mind for the best accuracy
-Direct and specific questions only please
-Our reading will be based on current energy. Your actions can effect my predictions. If you go against what I advise, things can work against you.

Let's talk and let's get clarity. It's my specialty and passion. : )

Endorsed Strengths
  • Detailed · 29
  • Helpful · 29
  • Honest · 29
  • Accurate · 27
  • Kind · 27
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