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I value you and your time. I'm fast, accurate, and honest. Over 30 years of reading I have learned to trust what the cards are showing me, always praying for your highest good to be illuminated!
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I have studied metaphysical sciences since I was a child. I have a BA in Religious Studies, a BA in Dimension of Human Spirituality, a MA in Educational Counseling and a MA in Spiritual Psychology. I am currently working on the completion of my PhD in Administration and Public Policy. I have worked both professionally and privately as a counselor for nearly 30 years. I also have a minor in Native American Studies. I have come to understand truth is an inside job, I am only a reader of what I can see and an instrument of what I can create.

We readers do not have much protection here from negative feedback....if you are not happy with a reading PLEASE send me an e-mail and give me an opportunity to address your concerns. My customers will tell you I will always do a follow up in an e-mail. When customers leave feedback that states not specific....I do not give yes or no answers....I read the cards, the flow of energy, and honor you are a co-creator in your life experience. The Tarot will show you how to remove obstacles, what the potential is, and how best to respond in this moment now. I always share the SPECIFIC cards with my customers, and will always share their meaning with you. I just got a 1 star rating from someone that contacted me twice, used free minutes and spent less than $10 for both calls, I did not tell them what they wanted to hear so they took out their frustration on me. Please ....negative feedback here is very harmful....please allow me to read for you in a respectful way and please respect my true desire to value and care about your needs.
Approach to Topics
The Tarot is known as the Royal Road of Consciousness and Awakening. It is a Master Teacher of the hero's journey through many different and diverse life experiences. Call me now and learn what awaits you. I am a professional reader and counselor, please allow me time to read for you. I appreciate that your time is valuable yet so is the wisdom of Tarot when you ask for the insight. of a Sacred Teacher. I approach each client with respect and non-judgmental value. Prayer is the opening door to the guidance of the Spirit World and Your Inner Knowing and the Call of the Spirit. My approach is to ask honesty for the guidance of Love itself, for Wisdom to Enter, and Honesty be Spoken. I will tell you the truth of what I see. I blend a vast tapestry of unique life experiences, from metaphysical to traditional counseling to academic insights, to assist you in your ability to integrate the wisdom of what the Tarot shows me. I integrate numerology and spiritual insights to help you realize your pathway to your highest good and enlightenment. I also pull Angel Cards to allow the guidance of our guardian angels to be able to speak directly to you.

If you are calling for an astrology reading, please see that listing, it is a great way to fill the picture in regarding your inquiry. I read individual, relationship, and family charts, I also read the current transits of your natal chart, and your progressed chart (if I am reading for more than one I am integrating this for all involved).
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