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The veils are open today and I am receiving messages left and right. Online today to share the insights. Very exclusive. I am rarely online anymore per life. Every reading gets a Halloween oracle card follow up.
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Third generation intuit, I have been gifted with an ability to read the true intentions of others since a very young age. After receiving information prior to events occurring through dreams and clairaudience, I have been put on a path that has helped me tune my gifts into a field that can help others. I am fair, honest, tactful, and detached enough to be able to deliver any information with out judgment. Let me help you. My mission has prepared me to be of assistance to help others realize their potential as well. Through some (at times scary) amazing, intrusion from the other side, I am a gifted clairaudient with information provided through thought and feeling sensations. When I first started, I didn't understand why I knew things were going to happen before they did, or how I knew certain things about people, with out them telling me. At last after being provide with enough synchronicities, I am in a position to provide guidance through an outlet that I hope will only help and inspire others to grow, as I did for myself. I worked with traditional Tarot as a young adult, but didn't vibe with the scary aspects that presented itself anytime I did a reading. Being an empath, negative energies like to find a way to attach themselves, and I had to learn how to protect myself from that, so I have switched to Tarot and Oracle decks of only love and light. I Prepare for all my readings with a short meditative prayer and work with decks that emphasize positive growth. After all, the situations we go through in life are dramatic enough! I work with decks for Past life, Life Path, Dreams, One for working with Archangel Michael, Fairy's and my favorite deck, that I have bonded the most with is the Mythic Tarot. The main Deck I work with for general readings is the traditional Rider Waite Tarot. I also have an oracle deck that's straight forward when you need answers quickly. I would love to help guide you. And my only rule is you have to have faith in God and in yourself to overcome anything. I look forward to speaking with you.
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*Disclaimer addressing my recent feedback* This feedback came from a repeat client that previously contacted me through other correspondence, asking for free readings constantly. She did not like the message the cards had for her this particular day and retaliated with negative feedback. There is nothing I can do about that, but I wanted to point out that she had previously left multiple feedback that was positive, and it was one day contact that she reviewed negatively, and then continued to speak with me there after only to leave negative feedback again, on the same day. If she suddenly didn't like my style of reading that's fine, but why would she continue to contact me after being unsatisfied for more of a reading, if not only to leave more negative feedback and hurt my credentials? I am an HONEST READER! I DO NOT FLUFF UP THE READING! I pass along follow up messages as a bonus to my readings and to make sure all information is sent that is helpful and resourceful. This is not a thing that is expected, and I DO NOT keep someone on the line to fill the time. I provide free readings quite often, and have a clear conscience in regards to my integrity when it comes to the energy and healing I offer in this world. Thank you all for your understanding <3 Love & Light Always <3
I am given messages through clairaudience that download quickly. I tune in using a quick prayer and meditation, the use of angel cards and crystals. I enjoy providing peace of mind with, angels protection and guidance, that encourage positive growth to overcome any situation that may be causing you worry. My methods come from a place of good energy and love. I look forward to working with you. P.s. Always check your messages after our readings. I will more often than not, have clarity that comes to me directly after our chats. Please leave me a review if you have time. I like helping people and I appreciate the help in growing my clientele by good word of recommendation. If you didn't connect in our reading, I would prefer you request a refund rather than to insult my gifts or intentions to help. If you do not know the craft, time, and energy readings take, than I prefer not to work with you. I am a conduit, I take on your energy to help and it's not easy to feel into another's hardships, so if you have projection issues I am not the reader for you. If you are open, thoughtful, and of love and light, I am the reader for you. I hope to speak to you lovely souls soon <3
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