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Years of live, on-air accurate (verified) answers that are compassionate, and loving, without judgment.
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I get my vision from the maternal side of the family. It seems to appear in a male every fourth generation (great grandfather was a water witch during the depression). All the women on the maternal side seem to be highly intuitive to various degrees. I get my no-nonsense, practical straight-forward 'this-is-it' gut intuition from my paternal grandmother, Rose. She was true, loyal, and loving but very hard to take because she knew no way of saying the truth kindly. She sometimes shows up while I'm reading as a facilitator. She is much softer and kinder in her word choices now that she is dead. I’ve been reading since I was a teenager. I was fascinated with the parlor trick of divination it was like I could magically reveal secrets. Then I had a reading that by a friend that was life changing for me and realized the true powe of healing. When I saw it as a tool of healing. It became my reverence.

Because the more whole a person becomes the more control they have over their own divination. Because only a whole person can manifest a whole life. I want you to have a whole life!
Approach to Topics
It is my dominant intent to assist you in aligning to your highest vibration of love. Once we are connected, working towards your life goals. I use my abilities to help you recognize and connect with your own inner guidance. We all get bogged down and muddled from time to time, if we aren't then are we really expanding and pushing ourselves for more clarity? My goal is to help you see and recognize what you already know.
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