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Molly Browns TCB Oracle

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31 Readings Since 2009
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Molly Tells It Like It Is. FAST & No Games
Reading tarot professionally over 25-years. Client-friends love her gently blunt, down-to-earth style. Give Molly a call today, and have a good friend tomorrow. Get 5-free minutes sent after every 10+ minute reading.
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Love & Relationships
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LGBTQ Issues
Women's Issues
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About Me
My mom and dad helped me develop 'intuition' at age 12. They let me explore my gifts without pushing me in any one direction. Dad gave me a deck of Waite-Rider tarot cards and a Ouiji board. My mom gave me books on ESP and would validate my
My Approach To Topics
I get to the heart of issues quickly with tarot or runes to look at the big picture. The fine details come from astrology, clairvoyant and empathic reading. Then confirmation and the prediction after a quick 3-card tarot spread. Clients count on my