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The Oracle Dragon

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5 minutes for $1
How Do They Feel? What Would They Say To You ...
I specialize in love readings. I'll answer your most secret questions & more. I'm a non- judgmental, experienced channel and card reader. Let's figure them out TOGETHER & talk or text today! xx *Beware- I tell truth.
About Me
About Me
*See my main listing under Love & Relationships for hundreds more reviews* Note: due to increased fees on Keen, I've had to raise prices. Thanks for understanding.
I'm a hereditary, natural healer and diviner, who learned about her gifts from the
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
In the years I have been reading professionally, I've gotten primarily very positive feedback, including how clear and accurate the readings are, as well as how nicely I put things, while remaining absolutely truthful.
*As is the case with many