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Helping you is my life's purpose.
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Full time, career reader here! Real truth, accuracy, compassion and skill. Please read profile before calling. No timing or health questions, please. *I'm a night owl. If I'm signed in, I'm awake!*
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My name is Olusha (o-loo-sha) and I did readings for friends and family for many years before I started reading professionally. My gifts came on slowly, but after awhile, it became clear to me that I was getting information beyond what I could have taken directly from the cards. In the reading that finally propelled me to share my gifts with more people, I pulled a spread and "He's really scared that you're going to find out about some money he spent. I'm seeing a lot of lights, neon?" came to me. The woman's immediate response was, "Are you serious? He's at the casino again?" Turned out he was.

I've been reading full time now for over a decade. This is my calling.

I will ask you to provide me with a specific question that I can focus the reading on. It's best to keep the question specific enough to provide structure to the reading, but general enough to allow whatever information the cards have for you to flow through me. I can do a more general reading for large topics, such as love life, career or family.

Time frames are important to people and I completely understand. I will answer specific timing questions such as "Will I move next month"? but I don't do open ended timing questions like "When will I meet my next partner?" I believe that time frames mess things up more than they help, honestly. Things can change and focusing on a time frame can lead us to overlooking opportunities, getting stuck on the time something's supposed to happen and overlooking other ways it could be happening.

You will hear me shuffling cards, as I do have an actual physical deck here with me. If you ask ahead of time, I’d be happy to tell you what cards come up in your spread and explain their meanings. Please ask in advance though, as I read intuitively and quickly.

I promise that you can have a relaxed, fun and interesting reading with me if that's what you want. If you want to just ask direct questions and get fast answers, I'm fine with that too. I'm a great listener and oftentimes find that people who want a tarot reading also just want someone to listen to them and help them think things through. I'm here for you!

Sometimes knowing that the person reading for you has been through something similar to you can be reassuring. It gives me a different perspective and makes it easy for me to find sympathy with you in a way that someone else might not. Here are a few things I've been through in my own life:

Starting and then losing a multi million dollar business
Chronic illness
Substance abuse disorder
A lot of international travel! (I currently don't live in the US, but am from the Seattle area.)
Losing a child
LGBTQ+ issues - I am bisexual and have a trans niece, a gay nephew and before she passed, my daughter identified as pansexual. So don't worry, I am great at pronouns and not judgemental at all about queer people. In fact, most of my favorite people are queer.
Being cheated on.
Being in abusive relationships for way longer than I should have. I believe that helping women find the confidence to leave bad situations is really my fundamental calling.
Approach to Topics
My guidance is honest and thoughtful, with an emphasis on empathy. I've been down the road many of you are currently on and I won't judge your choices, but I will attempt to help you see them more clearly. If the path you're on will result in pain, I will attempt to gently steer you to another.

I'm proud to say I never sugar coat or lie about what I see, even though it opens me up to negativity. False hope has never helped anyone. I am honest about what I see, no matter what. I understand that sometimes people just want a care free, fun reading and that's fine. I totally get it! But if you want someone to just tell you what you want to hear, I'm probably not the right fit, unfortunately. I believe the truth will set you free.

***Also, please no health, legal or open ended timing questions (when will this event take place?)***
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