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Phenomenal Psychic and Tarot skills. A REAL Psychic Medium. FAST, Direct, Non-judgemental, Honesty and Integrity. Her connection to the Tarot and her Psychic abilities are something you have to experience. TRUSTED!
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I am one of a rare few individuals in the United States that has medical and scientific proof that I am Psychic. Medical professionals throughout my life that have supported me in my efforts to better understand how and why I am able to do what I do. I have a mass in my adrenal gland for which my Endocrinologist believes effects how my pituitary gland functions. Alas, I am still human ;)

Newer Listing, not new to Keen. Many people ask me to use my personal Tarot Cards that I created in their reading, so it was time I created a Tarot listing on Keen for it ;) I utilize my own Tarot Cards that i created when I was younger ( this is why I'm as fast as I am... I know my cards well ) and I also utilize Angel Cards, specifically Archangel Power Tarot Cards. It takes me about 3 seconds to pull a 6 card spread and 20 seconds to describe the answer we get. That is a FACT. For a more detailed session, depending on your questions and how much detail you are looking for it can take a few more minutes but, note that I said Minutes... your time is valuable and I respect it!

My abilities have been Showcased on Live Keen Radio and a Keen Facebook Live event. I do this so that you can hear what it is like to obtain a session with me. I hide nothing. I believe your time is valuable. Your questions have importance and need a RELIABLE, REAL answer! I waste no time and am ready the moment I answer the phone. It takes seconds for me to connect to your questions and gain answers. I've been doing readings for over 35 years.

I've been reading the Tarot since I was a toddler. I made my own cards to use in helping me understand my Psychic abilities. I was raised to understand my abilities and to use them properly. I have respect for every question. I am non-judgemental, everyone is unique and our paths to enlightenment are just as unique as we are.

I'm quick to answer questions because I've been doing readings, receiving psychic information and using the Tarot cards since I was a toddler. This was my "normal". I read for myself also. I share my abilities in order to not only assist others but, it has been my lifes goal to prove that Psychic abilities not only exist but, when practiced and taught at an early age, they develop into an extrasensory ability and clear discernment that can help maintain a proper balance in life.

I was taught to not use Tarot cards created by someone else, unless they were given to you. Creating your own Tarot Deck creates a more POWERFUL connection to the cards and a trusted interpretation! I have cards I made out of cardboard and laminated when I was younger. Now I use cards made out of parchment paper that have been laminated. The images on my cards represent for me a personal view of what is to come for you. Each card has been infused with the proper energy and blessed. I want nothing more but honest, direct answers when we ask questions.

I believe that we are all one energy, uniquely disguised as individuals. This energy will be present in your session.

The Magic to create the life you desire is within YOU. All you have to do is tap into it and know that you are in control of the path you are on Your Circle of power is great and together we can create the life you desire, protect you when you feel you need it and give energy to your requests for change!

I look forward to assisting you in the future!
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Sarah is here for you when you need accurate advice and answers! With her abilities you will gain a Fresh perspective on your life. Sarah is here to help you and to shed light on any question, you will find no judgement here. If you are interested in a Chat session, Sarah is FAST, she can offer accurate answers within 2 mins. Pulling Cards is simple and FAST, it takes seconds to pull a spread and seconds to answer over the phone or in chat. Sarah has proven her trustworthiness with over 30yrs of service to others and 90% client retention! Sarah's longest clients have been seeking her guidance and using her abilities since 1994.

"It's simple. If I help you to see your future correctly, to change it if you desire and to empower you, then you will return for my services and feel comfortable enough to refer me to others. It only makes sense that your success be my goal. This is my business, this is who I am and my goal is to become a valuable resource of information and advice in your life." ~ AstroSarah (Sarah Bina)

I use my own Tarot Deck that I created. I have several that I have created over the years, my first being completed when I was 8 years old. I have been interpreting the Tarot since I was a toddler, over 38 years!

Tarot can offer you a POWERFUL forecast of the future and prepare you for what is to come by giving you DIRECT answers to your question and the possible paths available to you that you can use if you want to change the outcome. THIS is why Tarot is an extremely powerful tool in the hands of a powerful and experienced Psychic Medium.
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