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Blue Skye
I read between the lines! Taking your calls.
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The name BlueSkye comes from my meditative process.I look tothe BlueSkye above for clarityDestiny, fate star crossed lovers Romeo Juliet, karmic connections twin flames.My predictions just help to guide you,not wroteinstone!
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My first memory of Great Grandma is (4 years old) of Great Grandma passing away. My family and I believe that strong connection to Great Grandma manifested itself into this ability to accurately interpret Tarot Cards. I give people the best outcome !
Thus, it is part of my life path and purpose that my intuitive guidance is here to guide, and full fill your spirit and your heart with answers to the questions you seek. My experiences with the Tarot cards go back to my childhood family, and training with a Physic Tarot reader. I have been reading professionally ever since. I always work with the light and your best outcome. I look forward to your call. Thank you. Talk soon. I log into keen via my land line computer in shop. Hrs are 7 days 2-7pm off Wednesday’s!


Approach to Topics
The name Blue Skye comes from my meditative process. Before I begin a reading I look to the Blue Skye above. I ask for clarity and guidance, and reconnect to my spirit guides. I light my candles with good intentions. Reading between the lines means I listen to What you don’t say but I see what you mean through my Tarot cards.
To negativity I want to say I wish love and white light energy! Listening to what a reader says is to me the reason most people call me for a reading! So when they talk over me and hang up it isn’t helping them the client!
In a clean peaceful environment I lay my cloth on my table, sage the area, and begin my readings, remembering that the sky above us reminds us the earth is below our feet. The sky changes like our lives do, as we go forward to find ourselves. From one day to the next things change.
At the end of a long day, I blow out the candles, order my cards, sage the area, and give thanks to the universe. All predictions just serve as a guide Keen is for entertainment purposes only. I reserve the right to refuse service. I give the best outcomes based on truth of cards I see at the time of the readings each reading is different. It is always your choice to follow the path of the cards or not. I do my best for all my clients. I do not do dark matters for example nothing on death Keen does not allow predictions on birth or miscarriages. No lucky numbers, get rich quick schemes or loose weight fast things. I understand some of you really need to know for your own various reasons but I do not connect to those things. I am here to guide on other topics. Thank you.I do my heartfelt best to have good connection to all my clients.
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