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Carmen miro
Carmen miro
Man Management - Empath and Tarot Reader
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Almost two decades of detailed Reading and as researcher and writer. I believe in empathy and kindness and have a system with Tarot and other tools which I use my analytical work for predictive analysis.
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Through language and art and cultural immersion, I was inherently delighted by what people taught me, and I sought to comfort them around psychological methods and what had worked for me.
As a freelance writer in 2007, I went onto study this field whilst interviewing in person, the Tarot was also a joy to study and work. I am credited through other work experience in psychology and medical research which to me the true beginning for my work in communication and all that is associated with it. I have experience in the legal field as well, so all these areas may be helpful to you, not through a reading, yet as work experience. I run my own business, and I now research and enjoy my clients' contributing their ideas, as well as the ability to help them.

Having traveled the world in remote or culturally rich regions, I became interested in anthropology, art and the sciences. I continue to be fascinated by mankind and history to this day . Love is my joy, and I want us to love, yet it comes with rules and with class and dignity. You need to have the perception, and the self-respect to understand boundaries and peace.

Approach to Topics
Empathy is the sharing of emotion, the sharing of feeling. It is compassion and it is not common. It is sorely needed in our world and it seems to be no longer as available due to intimidation and fear. Influenced by fiction on the paranormal I taught the Tarot and with much study in communication, I finally found there was no way to get through life without sharing all energies and feeling and without psychological counsel to manage the feelings we think we perceive. Empathy is natural way of feeling but I am trying to help people stop manipulating to stop feeling. It is meant to be a way of peace and of compassion. To some it is a form of what most people would term as telepathy, and I have been working on the medical aspects of this phenomenon. I am best known for investigation, analysis, finding detail, and find minutiae which will help you feel like you have more of a vantage point over your situation. As I aid in psychiatry I can support you and will not judge you or your partner, as I worship psychology I can limit its use when not needed, and as a pragmatist I will find the legal and logical ways through your problem without letting you know how. I will endeavor to help you find this point of understanding with a defined and complex perspective, as I prefer this approach, with a less spiritual perspective. My readings are complex and you need patience or I would not recommend calling if you are in a hurry or want quick answers.
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