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Clergy Tarot
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YOU are the psychic - with a little help from me. You will be asked to consult your feelings as I shuffle, and you will know when to start the reading. The truth will be revealed and I will explain it. Real and precise.
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Keen welcomes back one of its most beloved NY advisors and counselors, Rabbi Amy Harmon, in a stunning comeback after Rabbi Amy took family leave to give birth to and raise her wonderful children. Rabbi Amy is a seminary graduate and has served as chaplain for some of NY states biggest hospitals since 2003. Rabbi Amy began her training in Jewish mysticism at the age of 18 with an emphasis on Tarot and Tarot’s ability to offer reliable predictions, deep understanding of situations, and lasting change in people’s lives. a great deal of Rabbi Amy’s focus here on Keen has included women's issues such as aging, finding career paths, helping with trauma and abuse, finding out the truth in relationships, and divorce. Rabbi Amy is equally comfortable advising men in the same areas.

In a reading, Rabbi Amy will ask you to briefly focus in on the feelings your questions raise in you, and her cards will reflect that energy with accurate and clear information for you to live by. Rabbi Amy always offers a safe, warm and non-judgemental space for all of Keen’s clients, and she is known for getting involved with helping her clients off of Keen when necessary.

We love you, Rabbi Amy! Welcome back!
Approach to Topics
4 decades as a professional clergy woman, and 18 years experience with Tarot. Extremely detailed, honest, accurate, and compassionate. I'm back on Keen for another successful run with my clients after taking a ten year break to raise my family. I read a full 11-card spread, a three-card past, present and future, or a one card for a quick, definitive answer. My approach on Keen for 15 years is different from most: I shuffle as you think about your concern and you tell me when to stop shuffling, and we begin the reading. Read as if you were in a live tarot reading, the way it should be.
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