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Cocoa Shegawd
Cocoa Shegawd
My Passion is to assist you in finding Clarity!
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We all have Free will. Nothing is planned unless you plan it! Energy does not exist unless you create it! Allow spirit to speak through me so that we can help you to make the best decision!
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I inherited my gift through my Maternal bloodline. I have been conversing with Spirits since I was a child. My passion has always been to be a nonjudgmental ear, way before I was able to use my gift properly. For 6 years now I have been helping my clients navigate through this wonderful thing we call life! I would not have it any other way!
Approach to Topics
I am an energy reader. I give you the message of Spirit and what your energy presents, not what you want to hear. All that I need is your name, the names of those involved if any, and a very vague description of your situation if you would like to share. Being specific helps to get you a clear message.

Energy must be present for it to be read. For example, if you are wondering what will happen with your career within the next couple of months, if you haven't been out and about filling out applications then there isn't an energy to pull from. It is best to ask, "What message does Spirit have for me concerning my career?" This will help with your process of creating said energy to be read. After you have done so the prior question can absolutely be answered. Remember you’re a creator. You have free will 😊 This also applies to questions concerning one’s love life.
I do not do general readings. General readings give general messages. Which is why I choose not to do them. Experience has taught me this does not help me to help anyone and can turn into a feel-good session or cause confusion. I also do not answer "Where do you see my life within a years’ time?" type of questions, regardless to the topic. Energy changes every day. I am more than happy to help you figure out the question you need to ask to help you figure out what could possibly happen within a year and how you can make sure that you receive such or do what is needed to block it.
That is why I am cautious with that question because, the energy of that day may show something that could potentially come about that you don’t want to happen within a years’ time frame. Free will allows us the opportunity to change these things, however sometimes one will hold to what is told to them and they will begin manifesting just that. As a psychic we must be careful with helping you guide through your life. My pleasure is to help you do so with integrity and not just for a profit.

I want you to have the best reading experience with me. My goal is for you to find clarity and to receive that clarity in the clearest way possible. I will not feed you fluff to keep you coming back. I will not lead you on to make you feel good. It is a passion of mine. I seriously want to help you!

Text Based Readings are absolutely welcomed

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