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Crystals and Cards
Crystals and Cards
Welcome to 2020 the Year of YOU!
Is that date REALLY a good idea? Should you stay in the relationship you’re in? Does he/she really love you?? Should I take that New Job? Join me by having a reading NOW and get the 411 with the Help of Your Angels!
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Angel Readings
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I have been providing Angel Card/ Tarot card readings for over 15 years. I'm a 3rd generation reader that is also clairvoyant. I have extended my practices and have become a Certified Life coach and a Certified Reiki Master.

**Please Note: As per Keens Guidelines: I am unable to provide readings on any matters relating to health or legal concerns, nor am I able to act as a financial advisor. **
Approach to Topics
Welcome to Crystals & Cards. In 2019 we learned about speaking your Truth; learning what you would take and walk away from. HOWEVER; in the year 2020 we learn more about ourselves and self love; and not focusing on other peoples chaos. Its all about YOU BABY! So with you your call, It's time to find the honest answers you need to make informative decisions. There’s nothing like being tuned into what’s going on in the world around you and what’s being asked of you. When you have the details on the what, you can help speed up the how.

For those new to my readings, I am a STRAIGHT SHOOTER and will be honest with you. If you are looking for that reader who will "tell you what you wanna hear" than I'm not the reader for you. I'm here to help you make informative decisions to have your best life.

Some general information before you start a reading with myself or any reader:

Before you start your conversation, please supply the following:
- Your name and birthday
- If you want a short reading (3 cards)
- A Longer Readings (Celtic Cross) - This is a in-depth 10 card reading
- Type of Reading (Romance, Career, etc.)

If you are looking for a quick answer I recommend a Basic 3 Card reading.
- Recent Past, Present, and Upcoming Future. With 1-2 questions.

For More In-Depth Reading; go for the Celtic Cross Reading
- This is a full 10 card reading which talks of Past, Present, Future, People who are in your life, How you interact with people, How to make changes within yourself, etc. Please allow at least 8-10 minutes. This type of reading may include more information than what you maybe asking about. Be open minded to what the Angels are saying.

Disclaimer: The information and advice given on and through readings you receive through Crystals & Cards are treated purely for entertainment purposes only. Any predictions or messages you receive are not substitute for professional advice, self-help or assistance programs or any other professional treatment that you would receive from a professional such as a lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, accountant or financial adviser. There are no guarantees or assurances of any kind given. Crystals & Cards is not responsible for interpretation made or used by the recipient of the advice mentioned above. Please note you must be 18 year or older to call.

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