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Divine Path Psychic Traci Moon
Divine Path Psychic Traci Moon
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Do your thoughts Keep you up at night, thinking about what’s going on? Do you Want to know about a specific outcome? Get the clarity you need to make informed decisions. CALL NOW! I will ease your mind.
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Traci Moon has been reading for 28 years, is an independent contractor and has repeatedly been KEEN’s Best 5-star Psychic Tarot Reader since 2010!

Don’t let that fluctuating star rating system fool you!

Get an amazing, Down-to-Earth reading with me for the everyday trials of life.

Sometimes people Try to sabotage you, Even though there is sufficient, long standing evidence without a doubt, that you are amazing, for fulfilling what you’re here to do. You can remain happy, No matter what trial gets thrown at you.

I recently just lost my apartment in hurricane Laura! I really don’t see it as bad or good. It just is. There’s always more to life, and that Was the catalyst for change. Luckily, I saved my dad’s life after he almost slipped into a diabetic coma. He is doing much better now. Life is short and it’s Important to tell the people that are in your life how much you love them.

When these types of trials come, and they may,... Remember that perseverance, courage, and a new perspective from a higher realm will bring transformation, it is Inevitable.

Just because one person may have not got the specific results that they’re looking for out of a tarot reading & intuitive counseling, doesn’t mean that you won’t. Hence, the negative feedback star ratings...You have to take in consideration their mind-set at the time.

Some of the time we give away our power... I’m here to help you get your power back. I’m your secret warrior! CALL NOW

You get an in-depth personal reading instead of a brief overview of a situation.
I offer accurate un-biased non-judgmental guidance and insight into any situation you find yourself in. CALL NOW!

I was on lockdown in Louisiana during Spring break with spotty phone service, therefore I was unable to read on keen for months...
The most amazing spiritual occult teacher appeared to me while on lockdown. We practiced hours on end together: Telekinesis, summoning, Evoking spirits, herbal magic, EFT matrix re-imprinting, entering the chamber of the heart, cord cutting rituals, nightly ritual practices, meditation, And now when I lost my apartment in Louisiana , I was offered a past life regression certification!!!

Tantra, Luciferian & Deep occult knowledge studies, are fun. David Ike, knowledge on Saturn, etc... I used this time to get downloaded information and upgraded DNA
I’m taking an astrology program for the last 15 months.

I just finished writing a beginners guidebook on Tarot that Bridges astrology. I’m publishing it very soon and creating a tarot reading program, With a bonus program for children!

I featured on a track by spiritual occult rapper AcethaGoblin under a secret artist name.
I’ve been working with astrological talismans especially with my favorite sidereal astrologer Krasi.
I’m back online after a big 1000 mile move across the country!!!!
I usually have a 5 ⭐️ Rating and live up to it!
Sometimes people like to sabotage the five star readers… So the star system doesn’t work that good, but it is what it is.
Call me Now!!! Don’t hesitate, you will be satisfied. Guaranteed.

Approach to Topics

I impart to you, as much critical information as possible during our sessions together, so you get the crystal-clear clarity you need to ease your mind while clearing out any uncertainty. Gain direction and clarity around your specific situations.
Ask as many questions as you need answered.
The information I give you is in the future, so it may take some time for these things to pass.
I have been reading Tarot for 28 years, it is my second language.

Don’t Delay, Call Now, You wont Regret it!
Traci Moon, Divine Path Psychic Tarot & Magick Rituals
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