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Using the Earth Magic Cards by Steven Farmer and my angel guides, I will help you .. I will help you see through the confusion..I always call on angels so that angels and I will read cards for you..

I am a spiritual empath that sees things with the help of angels ....I spend each morning in quiet meditation. I embrace every person regardless of race, color, belief or sexual orientation .. Since I was a little girl, I saw things that would happen. I have warnings come by way of dreams..for others..

I have a college education and yet choose to speak in the simplest language possible. I have spent many years helping others through volunteer work. Now I want to help others through the web.. and through the work of the angels...
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Using the light of the angels, and the Earth Magic Cards, I help you to see what is really happening in your present situation and where the angels see it ending up. I do not tell you what to do..I tell you what angels see happening and where its going.

With angel cards in my hands and angels by my side, I will read for you. You may not like what you hear..but I will always read what the angels say the cards mean..

I do not give exact dates but use seasons and moon phases.. I cannot give medical or legal advice per keen rules.

Please try to be honest and forthright in readings..Don't come with an agenda..to test the psychic. If you leave out information or lie ..this will affect the reading tremendously. Angels only work with people of light. Lying is from the dark side

Though I read angel cards as they fall...I do not claim to be perfect.. ( I try ) and I do ask guidance from our Lord to give me true vision into the readings.. If I misread; it's me .not the cards or the One who guides me: I do my very best to be open to the Spirit and to your energy.. and to channel light into your situation to see what's happening

..Please be open and honest about your situations..so that the best connection can be made between the energies involved

I will not give readings on lottery, prize money, law suits, settlements or such as this is expressly against the laws here.. if you need such advice..please seek a lawyer or another law expert. (we are not allowed to read on lawsuits and lotteries or similar things here

I respect the religious beliefs of all my clients. I also respect a person's rights and choices when it comes to one's own sexual orientation and preference. ..I consider my work here a reaching out to others, sharing the gifts the Eternal One has given me.. If you feel uncomfortable with that, there are many many good psychics on keen...I always try to let God and the good angels speak through me.. I am but an instrument listening and hearing for you what is showing to be happening now and in the future for you

Please be advised that I reserve the right to hang up on anyone being abusive or violating any of the keen

These readings on keen are for entertainment only, and not meant to replace professional counseling or services such as lawyer, doctor, financial advisers, therapist, health professionals or other licensed professionals. I cannot provide any guarantees, or warranties, or assurances of any kind, for predictions, accuracy, or advice given, and will not be responsible for how the information given will be interpreted, or used by the recipient. I assume no liability.
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