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Heavenly Visions 777
Heavenly Visions 777
Take a Look into 2017 w Expert Tarot Readings
ext. 05238363
I can guide you in the area's of love, career and future events with a positive and uplifting reading. Please read below to be prepared for your reading.
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Past Lives
Skills & Methods
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Dream Exploration
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Remote Viewing
I have been a professional psychic 10 years now. Please read below so you are ready for your reading.
***This is a tarot phone and chat line. Not a remote viewing or medium line. I dont see what people look like or where you meet people in tarot, this is done ONLY in a remote viewing reading in the medium line, so if your looking for that type of reading find me in the medium category as there is different energy used and different price. That's why we have the different category's in the first. Tarot is a general reading that can look into your life from the near future to about a year. Basically past present and future can come up in all the tarot readings. You will need the basic information below to start a reading. However, If your reading involves someone else will need to already have someone in mind or in your love life to have a reading. If you don't have anyone in your life yet and want a more in depth reading, you will need to contact the medium line. That is the line that you can ask medium questions. I can do general tarot and general love readings that are pacific to your situation within a years time but medium lines are the ones that can see beyond that and can give details of places where people might meet, initials and body type. Those type of questions are all for the medium line which not only takes a little longer to do, also takes a lot more energy for the reader. Please contact me under the medium line for those type of questions. I am a love and twin flame expert and very good at relationship predictions within the year and helping in life and love crisis's. Please read below on what you will need to start your reading with me!

Approach to Topics
I use the divine heavenly spirits to connect and guide my readings. Through my tarot cards I can find out what has happened in the past, what is going on right now in current moment and what’s going to happen in the future. I believe in giving positive uplifting readings to help you find your true path in life.
***Please be prepared for the reading. You will need to have direct questions. A
"What do you see or Whatever you see" is a whatever comes up type of a question and you may get a answer you do not want to hear, as I have to look in and say what comes up. Its just as much the clients responsibility to meet your reader half way and to be fair. The best way to do this is have names, birthdays "if you have them" and your questions. This helps your reading begin and run smoothly. Also, please allow time to connect and process questions.****
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