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Jane Says
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Let me help you get FAST, HONEST and DIRECT answers to your specific questions. No one wants to waste time on fairy tales.
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My first premonition was at age 5 and my mother was astounded. The gift was passed along my paternal line, from my father and my paternal grandmother. The development of my intuitive skills continued to unfold over the next several decades and through the study of Tarot and mediation, along with some amazing mentors, I was able to hone my abilities and now serve others as a healer and empath. In addition to my many years of spiritual studies, I am a successful entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience and hold a BA and MBA from top universities.

I have used my intuitive and management skills to grow a thriving business in a very competitive industry. Meanwhile, in 2018, I began manifesting the love of my life, I was able to accurately predict the love of my life--first, the letter his name started with and then spirit filled in more very specific details including his birth place, the country where his family lived, his physical appearance, job and personality traits. Before becoming a professional reader, I have been able to consistently and accurately predict the outcome in business transactions, tune into clients to help serve them better, and more recently, tune into loved ones that have passed, as a medium. I am fortunate to remain in communication with my father who left this earth nearly 10 years ago.

Let me share my gifts and help you on your journey.
Approach to Topics
No one calls a reader because they are having a great day--it's anxiety and concern that bring us to this forum. I have been on your side of the phone/computer--with my heart in my throat wanting to know the answers--would I get the job, would my person of interest love me back, would it all work out--would it be ok. And I wanted clarity and honesty, not fairy tales and generic stories about happy endings.

Let me repeat that: I wanted HONESTY, sometimes ugly, sometimes unpleasant, but the TRUTH so that I could figure out my next steps. No one has time to waste.

My no-nonsense and nonjudgemental approach uses a combination of psychic skills, tarot and auto-writing to help guide you so you can make the best decision for you. I'm not interested in wasting your money or time, but I genuinely want to help you and watch you flourish and be happy. I am, however, interested in sharing information--good or bad--and helping you live your best and most successful life, and giving you the most accurate and helpful answers that I can.

Here's the important part: PLEASE READ BEFORE CALLING-- It's really not fun to hear something that you do not want to hear. And I am not excited to deliver bad news--seriously (see the part above where I write that I also have been a keen client, so I know how you are feeling!) HOWEVER, life is not always what we want it to be. I am going to tell you exactly what I see and feel and that may or may not match up with what you want or not want to hear. But it will be the truth--I promise you that. So if you want a fairy tale or me to support your narrative that is not based in reality, I am not the reader for you. And if you want to take our your frustration on my feedback, again, I would rather you not call me. Want to sport bash a reader because you're cranky with the news? No, thanks. I will give you my all, and ask for you to be open and willing to listen. The journey gets hard for us all, but it's what forces us to grow. They say, "the most beautiful view is after the hardest climb."

I also offer email readings for a flat fee which includes follow up questions and free minutes towards another reading--please inbox or Ping me for more details.

If you have read this whole thing and can correctly identify the song where my name comes from, I will give you 5 free minute after your first reading.
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