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Jane Says
Jane Says
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Life is complicated and can be hard. I can make it easier to manage. An empath/psychic since age 4, let me help you navigate life's rough waters and help you make choices and find answers to bring you peace and success.
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My first premonition was at age 5, and my mother was astounded. The gift was passed to me from my father and my paternal grandmother. It continued to unfold over the next several decades and through the study of Tarot and mediation, I was able to hone my abilities and serve others as a healer and empath. In addition to my many years of spiritual studies, I am an entrepreneur with hold a BA and MBA from top universities.

I have used my intuitive skills to grow a thriving business in a very competitive market and on the flip side, I was able to accurately manifest the love of my life, knowing the first initial of his name and his birth place. Let me share my gifts and help you on your journey.

Approach to Topics
No one calls a reader because they are having a great day--it's anxiety and concern that bring us to this forum. I have been on your side of the phone/computer--with my heart in my throat wanting to know the answers--would I get the job, would my person of interest love me back, would it all work out--would it be ok. And I wanted real hope, not fairy tales and happy endings.

My no-nonsense approach uses a combination of psychic skills, tarot and auto-writing to help guide you so you can make the best decision for you. I'm not interested in wasting your money or time, and I'm not going to try to be your best friend. I am, however, interested in sharing information--good or bad--and helping you live your best and most successful life, and giving you the most accurate and helpful answers that I can.
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