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Justin Alexander
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New Orleans reader from the famous French Quarter with honest answers to guide you in love, relationships, and life's questions.
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I've been doing readings since I was a kid. I grew up in south Louisiana and it was just something we did in my family. We would pull out a deck of poker cards, fix a pot of coffee, and watch granny tell fortunes for the neighbors on the back porch.

I was mentored as a seer and taught how to read the cards. I started doing Tarot readings in the French Quarter of New Orleans back in the 1990's. Later on, I was taught the LeNormand method of cartomancy by a Roma in London and a family lineage reader from Berlin. I admit I've been very fortunate!

I used to do readings quite a bit on Keen. I've been absent from here for the past few years due to traveling. However, I feel it's important to continue offering services as a reader. It's not just some job for me. Doing readings is a tradition that is still strong in a lot of families where I come from and the tradition should be carried on.

I'm very happy to be back on Keen and offering readings exclusively here!
Approach to Topics
I am not a reader that sugar coats. I tell you what I see. Do I have all answers? No! No one does. However, I do have a history of being able to offer insight for clients to help guide them in the right direction in life.

I strive to connect with a higher truth, Spirit, and to speak from visions bestowed from that source. Sometimes I use cards to jump start the process. Other times, the visions come straight away. I've learned to be flexible with Spirit and try to not get in its way.

Call me, or call someone else.... but get the answers you deserve. I wish you great peace and love.
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