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Mercury going retrograde! Total eclipse May 16th
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Mercury is going retrograde in Gemini. What /who resurfacing in your life? Do your vehicle maintenance. Gemini is trade/transportation/short trips/communication, neighbors and siblings. Eclipse May 16 25 degree Scorpio too!
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Skills & Methods
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Astrology - Western
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Divination card readings since 1998 and current apprentice to Celebrity Tarot Reader Angie Banicki.

I'm also a Master Certified Horary Astrologer through STA School of Traditionally Astrology with Deb Houlding and Dr Lee Lehman. I also studied under The renowned John Frawley and brilliant Rumen Kolev. Horary Astrology Reading is 15-20 minutes long.

I really got into Horary Astrology because I was amazed at the accuracy and how much detail a chart could show to answer a nitty gritty question!

Approach to Topics
FOR TAROT/CARTOMANCY READING (Such as Sibillas and Lenormands)

When I'm available on KEEN I pull cards using a variety of systems and use my Pendulum. I also receive messages clairaudient. TO GET THE MOST FOR YOUR MONEY, HAVE SPECIFIC QUESTIONS READY. I appreciate all of you who share your journey through life with me! I'm so Grateful to be an Advisor on Keen.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK will be on my mailing list for when I send out FREE minutes.

I want you to get the most from your money here on Keen. Since Keen is a time based reading it's best to be upfront. The cards will show literally what you've asked about. NO GENERAL READING. I will however look ahead for 6 months to year regarding Career, love, family, social life etc. Just let me know what area you want to focus for the area ahead. Thank you for joining me on my Journey of stepping out into the world publicly.

If you want to know if your relationship is going to next level of commitment then just ask , the cards will show details. If your in a multiple party relationship or interference from another, then mention it. Other wise the cards will show and I will tell you something you already know, and that just takes up your time and money.

I work best when clients are upfront and honest with what they are inquiring about. Asking Specific questions is the best way to go as I will combine both my tarot cards and ethereal skills to give you insight about your situation. . I truly want to help you and to help you succeed ! I am here to support you in your time of need in any way that I can! Positive feedback is very much appreciated!!!

For Horary ASTROLOGY reading you must go to my other listing under OTHERWORLD CONNECTIONS . HORARY IS VERY ACCURATE! (Note it takes 15-20 minutes for Horary Astrology chart reading I must erect the Astrology chart).
Horary is the art of using astrology to answer specific questions. It’s an old form of astrology; the earliest known texts on the subject date from around 800 CE. In principle horary is very simple: we cast a horoscope for the moment someone asks a question, and then analyze the chart to get an answer. PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT READ MEDICAL QUESTIONS.


For accurate Horary Astrology chart reading that answers yes or no questions or decision questions between one option of another you must REQUEST an appointment with your question.

You may have 2 QUESTIONS regarding the SAME TOPIC for your Horary Chart.

Questions suitable for Horary for example:
Will we get back together? How do they feel about me?
Are they cheating on me?
Should I purchase this house/vehicle etc.
Will I meet someone in 6 months.
Will I get the job (if your wondering about more than one job you can ask about up to 3 jobs no more).
Choosing between a relationship must be between A or B.
Will they leave their significant other for me?
Are they talking to their EX?

Questions NOT good to ask- Will I ever find love? (it's best to put a time frame on it like will I find love in 6 months is a better question.
NOT a good question- Is God Real? etc

Best questions are what is MOST important to you right now for Horary Astrology.
Please note Horary chart readings time be between 15-20 minutes long.

If you want clarity about a situation, if you need help deciding your next steps, if you want to take advantage of the predictive power of traditional astrological techniques, horary astrology can help.
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