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Kristina Darling
Kristina Darling
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I love reading Tarot! Tarot is fun! Illuminating! And a connections portal for all of my psychic gifts. You are important! We all need inspiration, clarity, and someone to talk to who cares and understands.
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I am a true empath/telepath. I was born this way. I have always had a special way with animals, also. I would love to tune into them also for you.
I believe in freedom of religion, spirituality, and thought. We are an ongoing progressing work of art. And we need someone to talk things through knowing we are fully and completely accepted. Feel welcome to talk to me about anything you want, ok?
I have worked for Sylvia Browne's /Montel's line, asknow, psychic power network (my favorite), psychic access and psychic chat and other lines. I took time off to homeschool my daughter and take care of my grandmother with alzheimers. My neighbors, family, and friends still call and come over with psychic questions everyday. I feel my gifts have grown and expanded so much that I can't wait to find out how much by working with you to help you find what you are hoping for. When I was an investigator at Bank One which is now owned by Chase. I had an incredibly high favorable and accuracy rating of 98%(while others had <30) for determining wether the customer was the "real" cardholder or not. I analyzed a call every 30 seconds for 10 hours a day. This is where I really started developing my gifts, believe it or not. Plus, I solved cold cases catching criminals including terrorist with very little info, once with just an area code. I decided I didn't want to focus on criminals, but on people who are trying to create a better life for themselves and the world around them. I like creating a  positive environment and amazing place for us to find what you are seeking.
What I like most about offering psychic readings is how special people find out they are to the Divine Universe. We need reminding that we are not alone and that we do have a very special purpose. I love seeing people find more and more of their innate talents and abilities to succeed at all they decide to accomplish.
Approach to Topics
Hi! And Welcome! I am here for you! All of my clients feel that I truly care, listen sincerely and always consistently give them my very best.  I hope you will call/text/email me as often as you want. I will always make time for you and give you my full undivided attention.
My gifts include Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Mediumship, therefore, I see precognitive visions and I hear messages from Spirit Guides, Angels and your loved ones on the other side.  Additionally, I work with Astrology, Numerology, my special crystal chakra gemstone pendulum, Tarot and Celtic/Norse Runes, and I will also empathetically and telepathically connect to those you are concerned about to help you understand how and more of what they are truly feeling and why they are acting the way they are. Tarot cards divine connections the communicate greater understanding for us. The tell us in simple words what is going on and what to do. I can't wait for you to call me.
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