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I come from a long line of seeing women. I've always been sensitive have enhanced hearing, sensing, feeling and intuition and vibrational energy. I'm a college graduate, RN artist, mother, and earth lover.
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Lost Items
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Women’s Issues
Skills & Methods
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Astrology - Western
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Dream Exploration
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Welcome. My name is Catherine. I'm a lover of astrology, feng shui, nature, gems, art, knowledge and learning. I'm Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon, Leo Rising, Scorpio in Venus Retrograde. If you're into astrology-that means I'm a spitfire with a deep sensing ability to uncover truth, and feel energy. I come from a long line of witchy women with spiritual gifts and heightened senses. With Romanian, English, Scottish roots, I feel connected to the past.
I have several tarot decks, depending on the topic at hand, but my most special is the original Rider Waite deck I found in my Nana's desk after her passing. I was 11, and began reading at school for friends and teachers. I never looked back.
Approach to Topics
Before reaching out, please, have your questions written down, be specific. Really think deeply about your intention and questions-to ensure that I can quickly tune into your energy. I'm not here to waste your money!

Honesty is important. I am here to heal, inspire, and inform. I use Tarot as the objective medium to confirm the spiritual messages and insights my intuition brings me.
I am particularly successful in helping find lost item with Tarot cards!!

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