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Miss Lady Lavender
Miss Lady Lavender
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The tarot can be an effective tool to use for a very accurate reading. It provides focus based on The seekers questions. A spread can also provide a thread of events and feelings enabling the reader to hone into you...
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IT'S SOUL RECOGNITION- because then My Soul saw you & went, "Oh there you are. I've been waiting for you...."

I have been reading Tarot Cards since I was 15. For the past 30 years I have learned to develop, fine tune and sharpen my psychic gifts.
However I do not limit myself to just these (Cards or tools). I reach out on another level using my psychic abilities to help guide you and give you the best advice needed for your situation.

I am an Intuitive Psychic-
This means I am in tune to your situation and the people around you.
This helps me to assess the situation (get to the root of the problem) and know how and where to guide you.

I am Clairaudient and Clairsentient . This helps me be an attentive listener.
I feel, hear and see the Guides, Spirits and Angels.
They give me messages so I can relay them to you.

I am Empathic.
I UNDERSTAND. I have the ability to share the feelings of another person or other people. This helps me to be sensitive to your needs and theirs.
I am compassionate.

What you put out there is what you get back! So let's make each decision a Harmonious, POSITIVE one!

FOCUS on whats important.
LET GO of what doesn't work.
BE GENTLE to not only your loved ones but also to yourself.
SMILE often.
EMBRACE what you have.
LIVE with purpose.
SEE the GOOD in people.
DO all things with LOVE.
Just BREATHE....

Time to let go of the past and move forward towards a happier future!
Reach out for the optimistic possibilities.
Things can turn out better than you expect!

Approach to Topics
I invite you to participate in an enlightening and informative reading experience filled with honesty and caring. Honesty and Truth do not need to be painful.

You will receive a truthful, straightforward reading from me. I am direct, and I NEVER sugarcoat. I Will Not Waste Your Time. Nor waste your money. You ask a question and I answer. I will not tell you what you want to hear. I believe in telling you the truth and what you NEED to hear. I believe in making my readings a positive and uplifting experience. I will provide you with Clarity. Help you find a solution and how to proceed. Help guide you to making the best decisions for your situation.

Dear Ones,
*Please try to UNDERSTAND and
Please keep in mind time frames are NOT RESOLUTE. They are FLEXIBLE and an estimation of progress.
THINGS can change~ PEOPLE can change! And they DO change at every moment.
Predictions are possible, but are also mutable....


Email readings are available (If you would like a Tarot or Angel card reading, email me to make arrangements for a session). All paid Email readings are answered with in 48 hours.

Have Blessed Day!

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