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Mystic Eye Jessica
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Ask Jessica to tune into her Angel Cards. Top Rated, Fast Chanel. Connect with Your Angel Guardian see what message they Have for You Today.
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Hello I am Jessica. As a 5th generation of Tarot Card Readers My instrument is that of a messenger. I simply relay details as they are shown to me. The message that my Angel Cards have for you today will help you make informed choices and change the way your life is going. The final decision will always be up to you, rest assured that my Angel Cards will guide you with precise purpose. You are here because my Spirit Guides have brought you to this site. I waste no time getting to the point with my psychic ability. I am an intuitive empath. The abilities I use to aid your life in maintaining serenity comes to me through my guides. My gift has been with me since birth and developed through many years of Spiritual Teaching. I am known as a gifted and respected master psychic. This title is special to me as it was inherited from many generations. I am here to help guide you past confusion to a place where you can live in love, peace, and harmony. I have a standing reputation for being honest and caring. I deliver messages with truth and compassion. If you are not ready for the truth, you are not ready for a reading from me. Prepare to look at your life in a new perspective. Are you ready to find answers you need to point you in the direction of your highest good? My tarot readings are clear and specific. I address your personal concerns in an easy to understand and straightforward manner. When asking about others, I'm able to tune in on a soul level. I almost absorb the person in question. I sense their feelings and concerns pertaining to you. My tarot readings provide Love and Relationship clarity, Break up and divorce insight, Angel Card Readings, Positive energy reinforcement, Negative energy removal, Emotional healing, and Spirit contact. I have been reading people and energies since I was 3 Years Old. My parents have told me stories since being a toddler that today still does in some way spin me out! I am a life-long intuitive with over 20 years experience reading Tarot professionally, I combine my training in coaching and performance consulting with the ancient art of Tarot and my clairvoyant sense to create a session that is relevant and helpful to you . I am certified and have been helping professionally as a spiritual counselor. I provide fast and accurate readings. My advice comes from years of professional experience as well as from personal ones. My psychic ability is hereditary and significantly developed. My clients are always satisfied from not only my accuracy but also my honesty. I will assist you with general life questions. I am direct and to the point; don’t be shocked, I do not beat around the bush., nor do I sugar coat!
Allow my tarot readings to have you so intrigued you will have to come back every week to find out the new update. Tarot does not lie nor does is it to be fulled with. The tarot can determine your future. Your attitude towards what the cards reveal can either make or break you. Make wise decisions.
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Sometimes in the rush of everyday life what we are reaching to achieve; gets lost! Through insightful and honest conversations, what you are seeking can be closer than what you think. It is not always wishful thinking; sometimes it's the timing in your life and NOW is a great time to begin your journey working on yourself to allow us to help guide you there.
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