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Former Top Viewed Blogger on Keen after only 1 year of blogging, former caseworker for Community Mental Health, Hospice Worker, GM for Cinebarre, and a non-partisan, open minded, accurate reader, don't you deserve the best??
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Women with psychic abilities are commonly drawn to abusive men. This was the case with a majority of the women in my family. We seek to heal those souls that we see the darkness of before it's too late and they slip into the actual darkness. Hell is not fire and brimstone. It's as bleak and deep as the shade of black. And, a very cold place to go. Hence those of us with gifts (that's most of you who are reading this) find ourselves trying to fill them with light and to pull them back or push them towards the light. Sadly, this is often times a losing battle. As we grow wiser, we accept this fact.

I had not used my gifts as my career until 2013. At the time it was a blessing that God pushed in front of myself in order to care for my 2 sons, 1 of whom is on the spectrum. The other of whom is a genius who will 1 day be a multimillionaire, although a bit of an oddball. I co-parent with their Father, although I am the sole custodial parent.

Like the other woman in my family, I too ended up with an abusive husband. Unfortunately, the abuse escalated to extreme measures. He stalked me, he had his friends and relatives stock me and they all went to great lengths to get me fired from every job that I had (from meeting him onward).

Then God pointed me to Keen.

I cannot express what it has done for my family. And, the people that own it have put up with so much on my behalf. It boggles the mind. The attempts to have me exiled from the Keen platform haven't worked.

Then add to that while I've been stir crazy due to cyberstalking, cyberhacking, and anonymous threats - writing to Keen and filing reports with the FBI. They've not only allowed me to remain on Keen. They've helped me to change my own life and that of my sons.

Keen is and always will be the best of the best for psychic readings.

I can say with nothing but RESPECT, that Keen is GOOD people.

They've assured my heart that contrary to the death threats I've gotten many times over the years that I'm worth more alive than dead.

As a result of the chaos and stupidity of having a stellium in the 8th house, I frequently act as my own worst enemy while collecting MANY, many exes and jealous persons who seek to harm me. Keen has protected me and my children. By allowing me to stay on the Keen platform, even when at times I've been a complete ______. (Fill in the blank).

During this most recent crazy stalking conundrum, due to me being cyberhacked, I may have been construed as sometimes blunt and often times disconnected on chat due to an angry hacker on my end (not yours or Keen's tech guys problem) - I promise that my readings will leave you feeling better and that some of what I say will blow your socks off.

I try to pay it forward, volunteering for the last 4 years at my son's elementary schools - teaching art and working small groups with children - who are my favorite people under 70. Nowadays I'm volunteering at the DV shelter but far less often than I was the schools. I'm doing the DV panels for the city I live in and I'm looking forward to putting myself there more often as the years progress.

I'm a 33-year-old woman with fake breasts, fake eyelashes, a fake tan, a heart of gold, and like most good people I have enemies.

It's because of just how insane my life has been and is (and this is only a snippet) that you can and should feel open when talking to me. I used to work as a case-manager for 58 paranoid schizophrenics, I've worked in a hospice, I've worked with registered sex offenders, & I even ended up being the GM of Cinebarre in Asheville, NC. Believe it or not, at one point in my life, long before children I worked with the real Seattle mafia.

The best job I've ever had is being paid to help other people here on the Keen platform.

And, in turn helping others outside of Keen with all the time and $ I can afford.

God IS real. And, he's certainly got his hand in Keen. So... Grab it!!!


All of you.

Including my enemies.

Approach to Topics
PRELUDE: I can sometimes be tactless, but my heart is 10X's larger than the average humans and I do NOT judge anyone for race, creed, political affiliation, gender, weight, and or anything. You'll never meet a person who's mind and heart are as open as mine. Unless you some how meet my eldest son.

My approach varies largely on my clients questions, what we're meeting for, and reading for. The purpose of our reading is clearly so that you can find the answers you seek. But, God has an interesting way of articulating the future to me. While we acquire the answer to your precise questions we will also be told other things about your future, beyond the scope of your questions. You have the option of asking me to redact this information. I will do as you say. Yet, I don't think it would come thru if there wasn't a reason God was telling me to tell it to you. I use an array of tools but I do have natural abilities.

If our reading hits 16 paid minutes or longer you'll get an email reading from me that's channel driven.

This. Is. The. Best. Way. To. See. Proof. Of. My. Gift.

If you're interested in learning about your future for free and in a broad form then I do have a blog and videos but all of my readings take place on Keen. As the president of Keen is a brilliant lawyer that I put my trust and faith into protecting me as woman with many enemies. There's more about that in the background section.
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