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As Seen On TV...PSYCHIC INVESTIGATOR AND READER, TAROT MASTER, ORDAINED MINISTER. World renowned worked in Greece, South Africa, and Ireland.
Breakups/Divorce Career/Work Family/Friends Money/Prosperity Love/Relationships
Skills & Methods
Clairaudient Clairvoyant Empath Tarot Clairsentient
PSYCHIC INVESTIGATOR who has worked in South Africa Against Daesh - murderers by fire of Yazidi girls to stop their killings, worked in Jamaica against ISIS.

Lead psychic in a team of paranormal investigators, working locally investigating hauntings and helping those who have been abducted.

I'm an ordained minister who performs weddings, baptisms and spiritual cleansings.

I work with the local police department looking for criminals and missing persons, while assisting in unsolved crimes.

I've worked with television celebrities, radio celebrities in helping with their careers. I have worked with writers dealing with writers' block and assisted in helping them to find new plots.

I have been reading for over 35 years and I have thousands of satisfied customers. My abilities come from a long line of male and female seers who have always been revered as exceptional energy readers.

I inherited my psychic abilities from my great grand mother who lived her life in Mississippi as Momma Sara. Our Native American culture is rich with nature, frequencies and energy. From a young child I have seen what most people miss in daily life. I understand the energy which circulates within us and around us. I understand its changes and its flows.


Approach to Topics
I have always enjoyed helping those in need. Most answers can be found in 4 minutes and then on to other information about your questions. Get details, understand why things are happening and how you can change things. If there are infidelity issues, financial stress, issues which require you to see more and to have more information, I can help by using cards. I usually give a couple of free minutes to my clients so that I have time to put down my cards and it does not cost them. My readings are true and accurate and they take time. To see the mood and feelings of an individual, to see and feel the energy of an individual is not something that can be done in a minute. I take pride in what I do and I care about my clients. Sometimes that is not easy when everyone expects things to be done in two minutes. If you are looking for someone who will just tell you anything, I am not the one for you. If I see something which is not good, I will try my best to see the path which steers you away from that outcome. I have been with Keen for over 11 years. I can't wait to speak to you. I am able to give time and date readings, energy readings, frequency information to help you straighten out your path, tarot readings for love and money, and tarot readings which will predict the outcomes of specific events which are coming. Also I can tell you about your angels and help you to understand the Archangels and what they mean to you. I was taught to read time cards by one of New Orleans best readers who showed me how to search specifically for days, weeks and months for the answers you seek. I use a method we like to call looksee to understand the connections of the cards. Will he or she return to your life? When will someone's life get better? What kind of life will my children have? Is my spouse cheating on me? When will I be happy? Have you ever wondered why he or she just cannot seem to be happy in the relationship? Have you wondered why they yell when all you want to do is talk? Have you also wondered why it is so hard for you or them to just communicate so that things get better? Well a call to me will give you those answers. Even if you have tried and tried and nothing seems to work, call me so we can look to see what can be done to make positive changes in your relationship.
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