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I am an experienced and tested psychic reader who has helped provide clarity to the many clients who have sought my help. It is my vision to use my psychic abilities to help me grow as a person, and I am absolutely dedicated to it. I ran and managed a group of thousands of people to create a community dedicated to the mystical and spiritual. I joined Keen to help provide guidance with my psychic abilities. I aim to lift, encourage, and provide the answers you seek. It is my vision. And I charge an affordable rate on Keen so that I am accessable to you and I am frequently online and ready to take your chat/call.

I have had a fondness for the paranormal since I was young and began to tap into my psychic and intuitive abilities in my teens. I studied the mystic arts and continue to feel a calling to the esoteric today. It has inspired me to learn more about the world around me. Spirituality is very important to me, and I hope to grow spiritually with you here on Keen.

I enjoy giving tarot readings and looking into your situation through the cards. Tarot provides an in-depth look at one's past, present, and future. It is a guide, and ultimately it is our choice on what we do with this information. I'm very grateful for my experiences helping others in difficult situations. I am someone you can confide in, without fear of judgment. I understand you may be going through something that is very difficult, I hope to be a friend to you and provide you with detailed answers. It is my hope I can guide you through this.

I'm an empath, I pick up on other's feelings and energies and I process them internally. My goal is to be a friendly listener here.
Approach to Topics
I am gentle, yet also direct and compassionate. I'm an empath who will pick up on your energy and adjust my methods accordingly in response. Generally, my readings involve getting to know you and your situation and then providing answers. I am an active listener, I hope to make you feel understood and I will provide honest answers. I highly value honest psychic readings. I provide the answers in a direct and straightforward way, but in a way that is kind and understanding. I will not tell you what you want to hear.

I will shuffle the cards and take a close look into what energies the card is providing for your situation, and I will describe what I see in the cards in detail. I may also go into detail on what may be influencing your current situation and what may be good for you to do.

I aim to provide truthful, accurate, clarifying, and professional readings to my clients. I am committed to giving you a satisfying reading. This is something I take seriously and value highly. I welcome your feedback on how I'm doing, and any comments you make will help me grow as a psychic advisor.
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