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Work with a seer who is fluent in one of the most recognized languages of the ancient Oracles- cartomancy. Please read my bio for more information on what I do and offer!
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My name is Jade and I am gifted in the art of cartomancy, also known as card readings. I have been working with the cards and studying their influence in our lives for a little under a decade now and I find a lot of joy and happiness being able to share their extraordinary relationship to our experiences, including people and things around us, while accurately reflecting actual situations and concerns from our past, present and even our unknown future. In my findings, the cards work like a crystal ball, with their plethora of images and meanings, showing up to reveal information is being sought after, clear as day.

Please do not hesitate to read the content below; just as you research and look at the credentials of your doctor or personal trainer and what they offer, you need to look at your psychic's approach to the art. It truly benefits you when you know what you can expect from a reading.

Many people in the past have left a negative review or comment because they skipped educating themselves on my approach and found that I am not like other psychics or card readers that tell them what they want to hear instantly. Card reading isn't just about getting an answer; it's about recognizing your place in the world and being aware of your thoughts, actions, feelings and resources. Ask yourself if the details of your life and actions you take matter to you or not before proceeding.
Approach to Topics

If you desire insight on a situation that is current or within a short time frame, a 3 or 5 card spread is most appropriate. In this spread, I take a focus, such as love (if you were asking about your love life) and look for that central theme and how it affects all of the cards in the spread; this helps me predict coming events as well as make suggestions that help you in the best ways possible. It also may pinpoint areas that you need to work on, so be aware that you may need to make changes yourself. Don't ever think or believe that what are in the cards are set in stone; your actions create ripples.

During chat:
Please understand that I am using actual cards and not some automated online card system: I have to shuffle, cut and set an intention and then draw the cards and interpret them. After understanding your question or concern, depending on the type of information you are seeking, the reading can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. This cannot be rushed or there is the risk of missing important information.


If what you desire insight on is not current or is something that might take a while to plan or manifest, the Grand Tableau (all 36 cards are used!) is more appropriate, giving insight on a matter 6-12 months into the future). This is something that can also be interpreted in chat but can take anywhere from 25 minutes to 45 minutes. Because there are a lot of subjects that can be read in this spread, I do suggest that it is interpreted in email and if you'd like, you can ask for insight on up to 4 areas of your life. For this spread, you will need to send me an email requesting advice. Please include your first name only (or nickname) age, and a short description of your inquiry and whether you are looking for insight on 1 area or more (up to 4). If you would like for future reference a snapshot of the cards, please mention so in your initial email; I will not be able to memorize the card placements after the reading is over. Expect your reading to be emailed to you within 48 hours max.

Prices are as follows:
1 area- $20.
2 areas- $30
3 areas- $40
4 areas- $50.

In this spread, I will note the importance of cards landing on certain houses and how this affects that area of your life. I will also look at the cards surrounding the placement and how they affect the meaning. This too is something that isn't set in stone as you are able to make changes if you do not like where something is going but be aware that there are times when there is nothing that you can do about a situation and it is out of your control; the good news is that you are prepared before its arrival and you can learn to accept these changes and work with them to your own advantage.


Through the cards, I can sense themes such as mood, scene, history and where it is all headed and or what is coming next. These are not guesses and assumptions but actual legitimate interpretations that have come with years of study and practice. Do not expect responses every second.

My goal here is to help inspire you to come to an awareness about yourself and the world and people and things around you.

It is also important that you are honest with yourself and with me during your reading. Lying and holding back information as to test my abilities benefits no one as I read in context and what little info you offer me (e.g., relationship status) sets the difference between me interpreting a new romantic opportunity with someone (single) than from a next level experience with your partner (attached/married).

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