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Love~Relationships Author~Autobiography Psychic Detective Book, Heard on iHeart~Blog Talk Radio ~Appeared as Robin Zodiac on Lifetime's "America's Psychic Challenge" Seen on SyFy, Showtime, Bio, Mtv ~ Pick Me!!
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Appeared on Lifetime's TV show "America's Psychic Challenge."

Thanks for considering an accurate psychic reading with me, Robin. I use the term Zodiac as my professional name, because I am knowledgeable of Astrology, so your date of birth is helpful. I like connecting with Spirit, and opening up with love energies. I can usually tell if you do not agree with me.

Please understand that medical or legal questions should be addressed to a licensed professional, yet I'm obligated to always provide the wisest solution for the best interest's to each of my clients calling for psychic advice.

Am I psychic? I have deja vu and sometimes dreams that seem real to me while awake.
Will I be successful and happy in my future?
How does my love feel for me? Am I the only one?
How can I find happiness during stressful decisions? If, I do take the offer or wait for another opportunity?
Is my love returning? If so, would it be as a friend, the same relationship or more feelings for each other.

Please understand that medical or legal questions should be addressed to a licensed professional, yet I'm obligated to always provide the wisest solution for your best interests using my psychic advice for your best outcome ahead.

I seem to always be online and available to take Keen calls. I have a weekly reality TV show in NYC; every Wednesdays on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Channel 3 called "Psy Chic Lifestyle" and was heard on UBN Radio; NOT 'Truth Be Told' and podcasts on iHeart. I have been very professional on the Lifetime Network; "America's Psychic Challenge" television and also on Mtv, SyFy, Showtime, Biography as a psychic reader.

I completely enjoy conducting tarot readings for you. I never judge anyone and truly channel with love energies to connect with you and others in question. I have an accurate success rate here on keen. I'm so grateful to be able to use my gift for your higher good in every situation. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you. Many blessings are able to be recognized and alerts can be avoided.

I am an author of true crime autobiography as a psychic detective and a series called, "Secrets to New You Love" and about relationships.
Translucent Veil; 3rd Eye News Reports"
Book 1 - "Secrets to Win a Marriage Proposal"
Book 2 - "Secrets Surviving as Newlyweds"
Book 3 - "Secrets Surviving a Divorce"
Book 4- "Secrets of the Opposite Sex"
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