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One of The most renowned tarot readers.Serious , honest answers so you don't smile now and cry later. Accurate, quick, with over 28 years experience. Here to help every day! Bring your question
I am a born psychic who is mostly claircognizant. PLEASE bring a question, "NO general readings" please!!!
I WILL tell you the truth, so be ready!
I am claircognizant, clairsentient; clairaudient, and an empath
I have been giving readings to help others since 1990
I have founded and lead a paranormal investigation team
I have been using tarot since 1990
I am a certified Reiki Master (Usui Method) since 2008
I am an ordained minister, non denominational
I have a Doctorate in Metaphysics from IMM Sedona
I have a BA in Psychology
I teach reiki, tarot, Universal Law, Metaphysics, Psychic Development
I have Satisfied client all over the world, and even more outside of KEEN at bookstores, metaphysical shops, etc.
I only work in the light. I will not tell you I am 100% accurate, no one is, and we ALL have free will that changes any reading.
Breakups/Divorce Career/Work Love/Relationships Infidelity Commitment-phobia
Skills & Methods
Cartomancy Clairsentient Empath Reiki Tarot
Approach to Topics
My approach is simple, I need your question (not a topic, a question please), and sometimes the person's first name. This triggers my claircognizant abilities. Please have your question ready. I ALWAYS will answer your question, you may not like the answer, but I will ALWAYS give you an answer, not sure about the reading or answer, email me and I will clarify for you.
I will tell you the truth, so make sure you are ready.
I do not ask you questions
I am here to help, and I cannot do that by lying to you, so you will hear the truth, although I deliver it is a gentle way.
I use my method of card reading not layouts in books.
I read quickly, accurately, and use a combination of the cards and my psychic abilities.
I am straight up and honest with you, and expect you to be with me.
I send Reiki to each client at the end of the day
I will help you with affirmations that I write specifically for you and your situation at the end of a reading, but please email and request this.
I will give timelines, but timing is the most changeable aspect of a reading, so please do not rate me on timing
I will tell you the truth, so if you are not ready to hear it then I am not the reader for you.
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