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LIFE HAPPENS!! BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO FACE IT ALONE! I am The Moon Maven and with the help of the Moon, tarot, and a sprinkle of astrology, I help clients get clear in LIFE, DIVORCE, and CAREER. 10 years experience!
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I have been a follower and practitioner of the lunar arts for years. Combined with tarot, astrology, and numerology, I have been reading professionally for over 10 years on relationships, career, and life planning. I have the ability to hear the spirits through the veil and hear the energy of the Universe. I read your energy signature and that of the the other people you ask about.

On the road of this gift, I have managed to acquire a number of skills that I use to provide insight into your situation. I am a published author on the subject of finding your purpose, going through a divorce, and communicating your way into better relationships. Coupled with my intuitive gifts, I help you navigate what is troubling you and give you sound advice on where to make changes that will help you get what you want.

Finally, I have been a Daughter of the Moon and use astrological timing and messages to help direct you to the right days and times to help you achieve your goals and dreams. For instance, did you know that the best time to start a new career is around the 11th lunar day of the month? The Universe is always providing information to help us and I bring all this knowledge and insight to bear as we tackle the issues that weigh you down.

In all things, I lead and read in hope and faith. The Universe is always looking out for us and, even when the news is not what you want to hear, we can see the silver lining leading to something better.
Approach to Topics

My abilities are gleaned from my special connection to the Moon and Shamanic Astrology, I read the Tarot and use Numerology when needed to help you get clear answers to your queries. I ask questions of the Moon energies, the cards, and your own guides to help you find the answers you need. I present you the story of your answer. I will not answer banking, legal, or medical questions.

It is always helpful to have the names and birth date of you and anyone you are asking about. ****Please note: some people block being read. I will probe but will respect a psychic shield/boundary. In other words, your object of interest may not want me to read them and may push back.

The energy of a reading is always tied to your energy. As you grow and change, the results of the reading may change. Your emotional and physical attachments can influence a reading in many ways. Always remember that nothing is set in stone.

*Click the heart on my Keen Photo and add The Moon Maven to your Keen Favorites.

**If you choose to use the Arrange a Call feature be sure to send me a Ping as well. I can get back to you quickly and let you know when I expect to be available.

I like to provide clear, direct feedback and, for that, I need to have a clear, direct question! New clients with generalized questions are encouraged to really think about what they want a reading for so that they are not frustrated or feel their time is wasted.


*Don't be afraid to talk to your psychic. Clients who spit out their questions in one or two words in an effort to save time and money, come to a reading with a mentality of lack. It is very hard for them to receive the wealth of information Spirit has available to them. It also doesn't work. A closed book cannot be read.

*If you don't trust your psychic and their feedback DON'T CHAT OR CALL. No good will come of it for you. Your energy sets the tone for the reading and it's your energy that summons your guides.

*If you want to learn how to effect change in your life to receive the desires of your heart you have to participate in your well-being. Miracles come to those who show up for them in their hearts and in their actions.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to simply rate your experience a 5 Star and leave a few words to let the next person know of your happiness with our session! I like to follow-up with a link just to make sure you have seen it as it can be confusing to find.

Finally, timing is an estimate and not a guarantee. Many things can shift timing: changes in circumstances, new information, free will, etc.
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