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Satya St George
Satya St George
Intuitive Tarot Energy: Ancient Deep and Detailed
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I am a Claire-psychic Oracle interpreter. Detailed. 98% accuracy. 20 yrs experience. Truthful & supportive. I offer you my Psychic gifts integrated with the Tarot & Oracles which empower you with the help you need.
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Skills & Methods
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Natural Gifts

My natal chart as a Pisces and the various other placements incline me to have psychic gifts. So I am a natural born psychic and medium. Sun in pisces, moon in cancer, and mercury in pisces specifically.

Tarot Tool Fascination was Born

As far as college studies go, my focus was in Psychology and also English. Through this I became fascinated with psychologist Carl Jung’s archetypal symbolism and Joseph Campbell (psychologist) theories on universal symbolism to understand ourselves more. Mr. Campbell came to use the Tarot with his clients in sessions in order to help them understand themselves and their situations more fully, as a result he has written some great books on this.

Spiritual Studies

I have 20 years of experience with many disciplines. Some examples are as a Medium, or as a Psychic with Clairvoyant and Clairaudient gifts. I read the tarot, oracles, cartomancy, runes, numerology, quite familiar with astrology, hermetic's, the kabbalah and I taught meditation in Los Angeles.

Meditation and Healing

With Meditation I have learned to work with Kundalini, Zen and Buddhist disciplines. I can access healing by teaching people how to work with breath work, imagery, the balance and cleansing of chakras'.
Approach to Topics
How I work

I approach all of your readings by taking specific questions you share ... into a silent prayerful mantra, so as to elicit detail, truth and accuracy for you and for your highest good.

I use cards in many ways as a receipt that can re-confirm my spiritual impressions. I employ the use different of a variety of disciplines also ... like numerology, astrological influences, runes or a gaze at a pendulum swing to incorporate as much information, detail and clarity from spirit to you as I possibly can.

I can accurately assess a snapshot of your emotional connections, situations & outcomes. Your reading will be very much like receiving a weather report: with emotional & situational changes that can guide you like a map. You can expect honesty from me mixed with kindness & no sugar coating.

Helping You

What I have always tried to convey to many seeking my counsel is to empower each choice that you are contemplating, each deliberation over what is right or wrong and each inspiration that you hold dear.

Free will is about our choices, like clay in our hands, from which we learn how to mold quality lives, bit by bit. Our free will does affect the mapped out energy of your situation in which I read your energy and that of those you are concerned with.

My readings are to the point, have detail, and you will see the options and a true snapshot of your situation. I don't hold you up in false hope, so you get the truth, the good, the bad, and the in between.

I will coach you in your situation should you be interested in this, if not I understand some people don't prefer coaching but only given the most likely outcome.

Scope of Readings

That said ... readings can be very much like the weaving of a tapestry wherein you see parts of it coming together during the weaving. Yet patience calls, as it takes time to see the whole work come together at it's finish.

Endorsed Strengths
  • Helpful · 36
  • Honest · 35
  • Detailed · 34
  • Kind · 32
  • Accurate · 29
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