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My metaphysical studies started off with Wicca in the late 90s. At that time the flavor of Wicca left a bad taste in my mouth along with many bad experiences dealing with psychic vampires and bad teachers. I left the Wiccan path and began studying a more broad label of Pagan. Which I use to describe anything non-Christian. I now understand that for the most part the terms have switched yet again and Wicca is used to not only describe the religion began with Gardnerian Wicca and British Traditional Wicca, but with all faiths that have a close working relationship not only with God/esss in their many forms but with Nature as well. As I like to refer to it the Universe.

I consistently find myself speaking, writing, and occasionally moving slightly out of sync almost like a bystander when working with Tarot or Reiki or giving advice to a friend of client. Wisdom seems to spout and feel 100% right, I am a conduit for the Universe, I am the map on which you make your own path. I have many decks I work through, and books I have poured over to gain further insight into symbolism, history and usage of the Tarot. I believe Tarot to be one of the tools one can use for self exploration and confirmation.

After a period of 5-10 years shutting down my magical self after the 1990's, I was still recovering from my childhood and later decisions made as a young adult. I came to know myself more of an eclectic solitary kitchen witch. If something is holy it is because I make it so. I read a lot of books, scanned a whole lot more. I then met my High Priestess Melody. We with three other women of various strengths formed a coven called Witches by the Bay based out of Everett Washington. I studied under her, practiced under her, taught and worked with her. I made the decision after moving to south King County that the commute was too great and my transportation unreliable for me to continue being an active member of the coven. We agreed to make me a retired elder and Melody gave me her staff that was given to her by one of her teachers.

This was the baton passed to me to begin my own coven and begin teaching locally. I started a community but it is a loose community. There is no other officers, no one other than me to make something work or not. I have been disappointed and challenged by my expectations and reformed them. I created Will of the Way - it is a loose organization of people who share information, education and who are largely solitary. I used to host rituals, and they are open for all to attend. Some are well attended, some only have a few but everyone has left a positive impact on their lives.

Once I made the decision to follow my path and give into the power of the Universe and stop fighting it I got a tattoo on my back, a Celtic circle design that also reminds one of a medicine wheel. There are two circles, one inner one outer. The inner one will be colored in as the elemental directions, the outer circle will be colored to represent the medicine wheel. This perfectly combines the hybridization of my own personal mix of Northern European Celtic and Norse honoring and honoring the Native American shamanistic path.

I am a witch. I am a woman. I am Strong. I am Fragile. I am a Teacher. I am a Student.

To further my studies I am a graduate of the Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary with a Bachelors in Ministry. I am also a Second Degree Priestess of the WISE ATC tradition to the Lady Belladonna Laveau, Archpriestess of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church.

I am an herb and gemstone enthusiast and usually browse my books for information on treatments or talismans. I enjoy comics, games, historical fiction and science fiction. Thank you for taking the time to come to know me a little better.

Brightest Blessings to you and yours!
Approach to Topics
My name is Skyfae, and I would LOVE to hear from you right now!

We all face challenges, we all hit low spots and high curves in life. Using my connection to the Universe, to Deity and the tool of Tarot I can help you create a understanding with your spirit. This can help guide you forward. I am your map, but not your driver, YOU are the architect of your reality, let me show you how to pick up that pen.

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