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Will you find love? When will you be happy? Will that decision be the right one? With experience and empathy, I pull oracle and tarot cards to quickly bring about answers you need through divine guidance. Just ask. Much love.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Spirit Guides
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Skills & Methods
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Having been gifted my first Tarot deck at the age of 16, I quickly fell in love with the way I felt while shuffling, studying, and interpreting their meanings. I began giving readings at every opportunity. Intuitive and accurate, I found that answering the questions of my friends and family through this awakened gift brought me so much joy. Later in life I was tuned into Oracle cards and found that I could join together my love of Tarot and Oracle to create more well-rounded readings. I've been through my share of trauma and mental health struggles and being able to turn to Divine guidance through the cards is always healing and provides clarity. It is my heart's happiness to bring that to you so that you might find the answers and guidance you need to move forward into your best life.
Approach to Topics
I am here for you. You have questions that need answers and I know that time is of the essence. I pull from multiple decks, both Tarot and Oracle, as I am guided by the Divine. I interpret these cards through my years of study and my intuition. We will work together to find the answers that you are searching for. Card by card the path to your best life comes alive. Finding the solutions to your issues will give you peace and clarity to see where you should head next. My years of experience are yours to find truth, compassion, and a nonjudgemental environment. I give honesty and work to provide a safe space for you to grow in and find light from. My approach is unique and strong. Speak with me for the light at the end of the tunnel that you need. The choice is yours.
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