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On for a few hours, most aftns. 40+ yrs experience in cards, Clair-blend. Kind, Calm, Details. Specific questions please, first names.
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I have been communicating with Spirit since a young child. My abilities enhanced as I honed my communications to be more selective of which spirits I could speak with. This had me delving into all forms of divination and by my teenage years I had settled on mostly Tarot and playing cards for my questioning method.

My work is authentic and I come from a place of the highest ethics and honesty. In no way would I follow a path that would in any way affect my karma. My clients notice and appreciate that I put my heart into my work and bring to them genuine answers.

I've been called on to help in all arenas of questions--from messages from departed to online dating to spirit-led messages for the best career or life path, love or family issues. The only questions I steer clear of are those involving legal matters or medical advice. i prefer to only give what the cards show in terms of health.

Approach to Topics
In the many years I've been on this forum I've found that the fast pace it requires the fewest cards possible. The simple 5-card layout works the best for a straight answer. It will go into the recent past, the present state, the near future, the person's attitude, and outcome. It's pretty good. And an excellent go-to for a fast reading. I NEED FIRST NAMES. Please save yourself time by stating your and their name clearly, at the outset.

However, it won't go into tons of detail. It will go into a little detail yes. But if you are looking beyond the fundamentals of your question, we would have to do a bit longer layout, please understand. And please do not shoot the card reader!

For instance, if you are wanting to delve into business dynamics of an investment scenario, or third-party situations, or anything that involves OTHER PEOPLE beyond the main players, we would need to go into 9-cards or more. We may even need to do several 5 card layouts, depending on how you want to ask the questions.

As a lifelong Tarot reader and clair-blend, I am happy to give views of your future path, to answer questions on your love life, career, spirit-guide's advice, your pets, and your home or family. My cards are clear and detailed.

More than 2 minutes for your reading is most beneficial to you, otherwise you won't be getting all the information that you may need. But, with only first names I can tell you about a person in a short minute or two.

Not every reading will have the answers you want to hear and I will only give the truth of what I see or hear. If you want to hear otherwise please look for another advisor. However, I am very non-judgmental and kind to talk with.

Sometimes it is necessary to let go, clear out and heal before your heart’s desire can come forward into your life. My readings also offer solid advice to reach your desires.

I urge you to be patient and see for yourself the accuracy of your reading, which you may not see at first. Too many times to count I have had people call me months later to express how accurate my reading was but they couldn't see it at that time.

I will not cast spells on anyone for you but I can give you some helpful tips or advice to protect yourself from negative persons. Please do not ask me to give legal or paternity readings due to Keen's policy.
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  • Detailed · 68
  • Accurate · 67
  • Honest · 65
  • Helpful · 63
  • Kind · 61
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