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I have an extensive background in all Esoteric subject matters and different healing modalities. I am an expert at reading Tarot and I have a degree in Metaphysics. I can tell you with precision how the stars are influencing your life and give you practical advise you can use. I offer Detailed Tarot readings, Natal Chart readings, Transit and Progressions, Astrocartography, Horary questions and more. I work in all house systems and I am a self taught initiate with a focus in Mystic Christianity and Powwow Dutch Folk Magic. My clients tell me they can't live without me. They say I am 'The Best Astrologer and Guide they have ever known". I am always learning and never give up the opportunity to learn more. I can shine a light into the places you can't see on your own. I am a true expert in the metaphysical field.
Approach to Topics
During a reading you can expect me to lay the cards and read them regarding your question. In addition I can explain where the current planets are transiting, the aspects they are making and the cause and effect of these aspects to you personally. If you are in question about money, career or love, I will be able to give you precise timing and insight into these matters. If you have a blind spot I can help you find and fix it. If you are out of work I can help you find better employment and show you when to go out for interviews to make the best use of your Time. We all have 'timing coordinates' to use for our benefit. In addition, if you are considering a move to a new location I can tell you the best personal locations for you and your family members. Astrology sees ahead into the future. Using Astrology I can see into your future bringing you hope and reassurance that life will change. I will help you understand how it will change, when you can expect it to change and how you can best use those changes to your best ability. Trust me. I am here for you. Astrology is real. I have studied and watched the stellar movements and tested it again and again. Our lives are knowable and discernible through the use of Astrology. Remember, with patience and a positive outlook, everything is going to work out better than you could have expected and with a personal Astrologer at your side, that is definite guarantee. Please allow for a 60 second set up window while I put your birth information into my system. Please have your birth day, time and place available for best results.
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