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What is impossible? Not much when you are vibrationally aligned. Manifestation is what I help you do! Expect the BEST! 40 years Professional Astrologer/Astrology Columnist, Numerologist, Rune and Multi-Card Oracle Readings.
Astrologer and Astrology Columnist for some of the largest and most circulated publications in the world (American Astrology Magazine, Starscroll and others). 40 years as a Numerologist, interpreting the Sacred Tarot (+ multiple decks including Zen, Faery, Angel, others), Runes, I Ching, other divination systems), Empath, Energy Worker/Healer, Dream Interpreter, Manifestation Guide.

Metaphysical Arts/Sciences was passed down from my grandmother to my father and then to me.

My grandmother believed we were descended from beings from other worlds. My dad was fascinated with inexplicably sophisticated ancient cultures like the Sumerians, studied astrology, numerology, Science of Mind, Edgar Cayce’s body of work, etc. I have known nothing else as far back as I can remember.

I was in my late teens when I began study of Metaphysics in earnest, beginning with Numerology. At age 20, began studying via the Church Of Light, which began an educational journey combining Astrology, Numerology and Tarot that continues to this day.

Destiny/Life Path Money/Prosperity Love/Relationships Past Lives Career/Work
Skills & Methods
Empath Numerology Astrology - Western Tarot Runes
Approach to Topics
You have power. You have options.

I have helped many get out of their own way and resolve relationship, financial and family issues – usually rooted in a lack of clear intent, or conscious or unconscious habit patterns, often going back to previous lifetimes.

When you learn how powerful YOU ARE, how easily you can bring about change—when that lightbulb goes off, it’s pure joy!

I will be your guide.

Watch what you wish for because once in vibrational alignment with your goals, you WILL attain them!

I will provide ALL the information I receive using multiple tools, addressing any specific concerns or simply finding out what Spirit wants you to know at the present time—your call. My intent is ALWAYS for your empowerment and to identify the lesson to be learned so you can move past any impediments to love, joy and success.

Even if the information you receive seems to make zero sense at the moment, Spirit wants you to make note of it, because the lessons come at the perfect moment in Divine Timing.

We never know what brilliant surprises the Universe has in store if we will just go with the good!
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