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I’m a psychic Card & Intuitive reader. I have a couple of decades of experience & my ultimate goal is to spread global consciousness and give people the clarity that they are in search of.
My name is Kassandra, I am originally born in the United Kingdom. At the young and tender age of 9 years old, my family household and myself navigated across the Atlantic ocean over here to the United States. Many years my family persevered and we finally became members of the USA.

At the young age of 9, I realized I was different than the other children I was surrounded by. At first I thought it was because I was from overseas and then I started to realize I felt like I wasn't even a part of this world sometimes.

Coming from a Mediterranean background, a lot of my family members, aunts, uncles, and cousins all dabbled in some kind of psychic like work. It was actually on both sides of my family. They went from reading coffee cups from guests who visited as well as intuitive readings so this became a part of life for me to just simply use my intuition to read for people as well.

Until my 30s, I did not realize I was psychic, I just assumed everybody had these gifts. It became so very strong that it actually started to make me wonder, because I would think of a person I hadn't seen since grade school and the next thing you know I would bump into them. It was so obvious to me at that time that there was something different that I had to pay attention to.

My uncle, who has known since I was a child that I was gifted, finally approached me and said, “It's time." I did not understand what he meant until he began speaking to me about intuition, reading for clients, and spiritual work, as he has done himself. He began to get into detail with me about why he knew it was time and he began showing me ways of understanding the messages I would be receiving about various subject matters and different people.

I began keeping a journal as to random thoughts, and I then began acquiring different types of Tarot & Oracle Card Decks.

One thing that also stood out is my love for meanings of numbers many times I would see numbers and number sequences and feel a presence about them the more and more I realized they had meanings as well I began implementing them into readings for clients.

Many people have told me they keep seeing a certain number over and over and don't understand why I was explaining to them the meaning of each number and how it applied to their lives.

So using my intuition and with the added assistance of Tarot & Oracle Decks, I have began the next step of my journey as to putting a website together as many have requested.

Initially I began reading for clients doing mediumship readings meaning speaking to those who have crossed over. I belonged to a free social media group, who did readings both card and mediumship for those who requested, and initially began solely doing mediumship work. Yet again, I began taking it a step further using cards to help so many and it has been so rewarding.

I have had the opportunity of working with clients who have had negative presence within their home and around family members and we have worked together to remove those types of energies as well but 99% of my work is with angelic type work I usually steer away from the negative.

All my cards have the similar theme of Angelic and Archangels type themes and they have many positive messages through and through.
Approach to Topics
I'm a direct person but since I also work in medical field I look to enhance ones life to make them feel comfortable and heard. The goal in coming to a site like this is to get your answers, I don't want to take over the readings with too much non essential wording as you are paying so I keep these things in mine and want to be sure you get precisely i'm here for in the first place which was answers!
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