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Susan uses the Tarot and her intuitive abilities to tap into your energy. Have your questions ready. It will be my pleasure to serve you with honest answers to your questions. Contact me today so I can help guide you.
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Hi! My name is Susan Michelle and I've been a Tarot Reader for ten years with a natural ability to tap into your energy as I read for you. If you are looking for a Tarot reading with compassion and encouragement, you've come to the right place!

I am Clairsentient which means that I have the ability to feel other peoples' emotions as well as being able to help guide you on your path to happiness, joy, and inner peace. When you request a reading from me, please come with an open mind and open heart to receive the messages so that you can welcome positive energy. I promise I will always be truthful.

Disclaimer: Readings are for entertainment purposes only. The clients who receive a Reading must be 18 years old or older and understand that they are responsible for their own choices and actions. The services that are provided are not to be utilized in place or substitution of any professional, financial, legal, or counseling that the client would generally seek for professional advice.
Approach to Topics
Is he *the* one?
Should you take that job you've just been offered?
Is he cheating?
What's really holding you back?

Using my special gifts of reading the Tarot and following my intuition, I'm able to get to the truth of the matter and answer your most burning questions in a no-nonsense approach for quick, accurate Tarot Readings. I am also capable of recognizing sources of negative energy in your life and can help you find solutions to break free and lead you on a more positive path. With my guidance and advice, you can expect an honest, thoughtful, and sincere approach while cutting through the bull.

I combine my natural abilities of the Tarot and intuition to guide you and I never force the readings with a predetermined meaning. That would only limit what the Universe's message is to you.

General questions are NOT advised. Please have a specific question or area you would like answered when you come for your Reading.

At this time, I am available for Email, Chat, and Phone readings during the evening. Contact me if you would like an Emailed Reading for a quote and my Chat Reading Rates will change according to demand.


Please, if you have a negative attitude or are too upset at this time and are not open to the truth, I sincerely ask that you save your money as well as both of our time. This is very important because with every reading I work on for each of my clients, I will give an honest and straight forward response to your questions. It is my goal to help guide you to your best path and I am a firm believer in Free Will. We all have a choice and are in control of our destiny.

Love and light to you all always!

Note - I do not perform open ended, timing questions or health related questions. Also, it is well advised to have more than one minute as it is unlikely that a connection with your situation will take place. Allow appropriate time for your reading so that you may have a positive experience from a holistic standpoint.
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