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I help you find YOUR truth. Using a variety of tarot decks, I bring clarity to any confusing life situation. I offer insight into the possibilities of your journey and support for the choices you do make.
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Women’s Issues
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Skills & Methods
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I have been reading tarot cards for 15 years. My knowledge of the tarot is largely self-taught, as a natural progression from my studies of mythology and psychology, especially my studies of Carl Jung's and Joseph Campbell's work.

I am a Reiki healer, Level II and I continually study material related to energy healing. I have taken various classes to update my skills, including classes on mediumship, psychic development, and metaphysics.

I consider myself an intuitive healer. I am an empath which means I can sense what people are feeling. I’m sensitive to emotion. I have developing, clairvoyant abilities where visual symbols are presented to me by my guides. I also have some claircognizant abilities, when information, words, and phrases just pop into my head when reading.

I have had a 25 year career in public education as an English teacher and adjunct professor. I have an M.A.T in English Education and was a National Board certified teacher. I enjoy mentoring young teachers and I’m thrilled to help my clients in the education field.
Approach to Topics
I use a variety of tarot decks to give an honest reading. I have a tendency to be blunt and direct. The reading I give you may not always be what you want to hear, but it will always be what you need to hear.

In order to connect to your energy, I will need your first name and the names of anybody involved with your question.

As you ask questions, I layer my cards to get answers. Once we begin, I can get into the flow of our energy and information will come through very quickly for me.

As a card reader, I need direct questions to give you answers. Please come prepared with specific questions. If I have to probe to find out what you really want to know, then I’m wasting your time and money.

For example:
Client: “I want a tarot reading.”
WAY too general. That is what I’m here for, now what do you want to know?

Client: “I would like a love reading today.”
Too general. Is this a romantic relationship? Love between friends? Who is the person in question?

Client: “I want to know about my boyfriend.”
Too general. Who is this boyfriend? Name? What exactly do you want to know about him?

The best questions are direct and specific and will elicit specific answers.

For example:
Will I get the job at X-Company?
Will my boyfriend John call this week?
How can I best prepare for a new career?

No General Readings! General readings are usually a total waste of time with tarot cards. Cards have various meanings based on the context of your question. They tell stories. Without the context, I can’t see the story.

Usually, general readings end with clients feeling unsatisfied, so why go there? If you insist on a general reading, I will only pull the cards and explain possible interpretations for your reflection and personal interpretation.

Timing is not important to me. There is no time in the spirit world. On top of that, we have free will to change our minds and path. Therefore, it is very difficult for all psychics to be accurate with time.

If you ask about timing, I will use the cards and astrology to give you an answer, but you should use this as a guideline, not an absolute. The goal is to help you understand the big picture and the spiritual issues around the experiences in your life for your growth and learning.

*Disclaimer: A reading with TarotbyLavena is for entertainment purposes only or for your own personal reflection. Readings are not intended to be a substitute for medical, legal, or financial advice.

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