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The Faithful Dove
The Faithful Dove
Empath guides you to discover your own destiny.
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I've guided many clients to the right path using my intuitive, empath abilities clarified by my tarot and oracle cards.
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I use my tarot and oracle cards to clarify my empathic, intuitive abilities. I find the cards bring more detail and clarity to your reading.

I am NOT a medium. I will answer yes or no questions and talk you through your needs. I do not answer medical, lottery or chance questions.

My grandmother was Cherokee Indian and my mother was a twin. Both of the twins had abilities for being empathic and they could feel each other's stimuli. For example, when my aunt was getting a shot my mother could feel exactly where it happened without being there.

I have been on keen since around 2004 off and on, but I have been led to come back as I am a healer and people need me.

I am an ordained minister, believe in God and the universe. I know that your deepest desires can be manifested, but through experience have learned you may not get what you want, but you get what you need.

Example: Love; we all want it and desire certain people, but you end up with someone else because that person has to want it too. If you allow your energies and desires to flow freely the universe will guide you to the best of everything, but you have to be willing and put in the work.

With all the above said and my abilities I have made missteps in life. The physical world is very tempting and you can be in love with someone with who you are not meant to be. It's important to know the signs. I am going to share what I have learned with you.
Approach to Topics
I will use my intuition and empath abilities clarified by my tarot/oracle cards to help you discover the right path for you. I will not tell you the path you should choose but will help guide you.

I am a caring, non-judgmental person who has over 20 years of experience helping others.
Let me help you today.
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