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An intuitive card reading for love relationships, major life changes, and self-awareness. Allow the cards to give you the answers you need to create blessings in your life. Accurate, caring, honest clarity guaranteed always.
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Women’s Issues
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Skills & Methods
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Chakra Cleansing
I have been reading for 35 years and also train others to use divination as a tool for self-awareness and healing. I use psychoanalysis, Jungian philosophy and spiritual/scientific principles in my work. I have been trained in many forms of Indigenous divination including Yoruba, Ifa, Kemetic/Egyptian, Celtic and Mayan traditions. I use Lenormand, cartomancy with playing cards, Uno cards! (they correspond to numerology numbers 0-9 and elements: green=earth, blue=water, red=fire, and yellow=air!) and traditional tarot cards. I have many different spreads for different areas of life you need answers to. I am also a trained Astrologer and Numerologer and have other listings here on Keen for those readings. I am a practical Mystic: I use science and technology to access deeper realms of spiritual experience, and try to interpret them in a realistic way.
Approach to Topics
I begin primarily with your birthdate to find the card that is going to represent you in the spread. That will be the card that draws all other cards in the spread. You may ask an initial question if you like but part of the magic of the cards is letting them speak to you rather than dictating what you want to see. Your energy and focus on your issue will draw the cards you need to see.

My approach is a mixture of intuitive and practical...Tarot is foremost a game of PROBABILITY. Tarot has 72 cards, shuffled numerous times, a deck cut more than 5 ways and a random 10 cards are picked..the statistical probability that it's accurate is 1 in a million and yet its always true and speaks to the exact situation.

I not only include the meanings of the cards and the significance of where they fall in the spread, but also the hidden meaning in combinations of cards. The goal is to understand all aspects of your situation and give you the truth: the good and the bad. Every situation has a light and dark side that must be acknowledged for there to be healing and growth. Every problem has a solution and every situation is fluid and can be changed. You just need to understand the strengths and weaknesses and act on them.

Tarot allows you to get an objective view of your situation and see it from a higher vantage point. Often our emotions cloud our judgment and prevent us from seeing the big picture. I'm here to help you gain the clarity you need and consider all the possibilities so you can make an informed decision. A warning: I do not sugar coat my readings and I deal with what the cards are saying, not what you would like to hear. You must have an open mind and heart and be willing to see the truth being presented to you objectively. Your courage and intuition led you here to find guidance. Stay open to all possibilities so you can grow and claim the happiness and growth you deserve.

It does not matter where you are in life. You can be a young person just starting out on your path in life, or a mature person who has come to a crossroads and facing new life changes and challenges. We are all learning and evolving and using the cards is a way to help you navigate those changes. Let me help you get to the heart of the matter and change your life for the better.
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