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Do you sometimes feel unloved, neglected, or unappreciated? Do you feel taken advantage of by others? IT seems like no matter how understanding you try to be others just want to bring you down. Hi my name is Cynthia. a.k.a The Psychic One. I know what you are going through and I can read into others minds. I am a clairvoyant psychic with 20yrs experience into the psychic world. My experience comes from 3 generation of psychics. I am a top psychic on Keen with a record of over 100,000 readings. Love and relationships are my specialty. I can tell you if there is still love in your relationship (past or present) I can tell you if the person you are involved with is even right for you. I know that you want to feel appreciated for the hard work you put into making a relationship work. There's nothing more hurtful than being betrayed or emotionally drained. Especially if there is a distance between you and another person. You deserve to know the answers even when you ask for them from the other person and they don't have the courage to face you. I am here to help you get those answers.

Career & Money

With so many losing jobs after these tough economic times people have been struggling to make ends meet.? You may also feel that it's now time to make a change. That is why I am here for you to guide you. Many times it's not anything you have done but the universe telling you that something better is around the corner. Sometimes you think that your career is finally headed in the right direction but others prevent you from succeeding. Why would they do this to you? DO they not want you to climb the ladder of success? Do they not like you? Are others saying spreading rumors or gossip which keeps you from gaining recognition? I can tell you if its the environment you are in or if its the people around you. I can tell you when you will gain financially. When will I see a raise? A promotion? A job change? I can tell you


I am a practicing astrologer with the art of being able to read into individual charts. All it takes is your personal birth information to be able to read into your life path. I can even tell you what will happen 5-10yrs from now something I can not do clairvoyantly. Here are some of the questions you can ask:

When will I marry? Will I find a job?

?When will I get a raise or promotion?

What is my career path?

Who is the person I am to be with? Soul mate?

Where will I meet the love of my life?

?Will we break up?

There are so many more question you can ask in your astrology reading. Here is the information I will need from you? Your date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. Once I have this information you have will have unlocked the key to so many answers. We were all born with a chart and this is what you will allow to me see. You have the control. You will either allow me to view your life in this chart of you can prevent me from viewing it by not giving me your birth information. It's solely up to you. But for such a low price I would not pass on it.

Additional Types of Readings

Monthly Horoscopes??????? Daily Cosmic Events

??????? Email Reading $15 per question ??????

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  Psychic Readings Love & Relationships Clairvoyant * Telepathic* Quick-* Dates/Detail   4.5 stars
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  Psychic Readings Tarot Readers Psychic Clairvoyant *Tarot Predictions w/dates   3.5 stars
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  Psychic Readings Other Clairvoyant Top Psychic* Astrology*Details w/dates   No Feedback
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  Psychics Life Questions Clairvoyant Psychic * Details *Predictions w/Dates   5 stars
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  Astrology Readings Astrologers Psychic Astrologer* Predictions w/details and date   No Feedback
  $3.99     Arrange a Call
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  Psychic Readings Love & Relationships Spiritually Connected? Yet we're not together (4 min. Recording Date: 10/2/2000)   5 stars
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