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You have the Star power within you already for success! I will provide you with the knowledge needed from your chart(s)!
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I started studying Eastern/Vedic Astrology (Jyotish ) about 4 years ago. Around this time I was researching and studying predictive astrology, Magi and Horary astrology. While I'm passionate about learning different systems and techniques in astrology. Jyotish astrology is my favorite!

I do have Eastern Indian roots from my paternal grandfather and understanding the fundamentals came easily for me. I'm thankful to my father for this, as I grew up with knowledge from the Bhagavad Gita as my father worships and practices Krishna Consciousness (Bhakti yoga).

I remember being up late one night meditating one of my favorite mantras and I knew, Vedic would be the next direction for me. I've devoted my time to learning and understanding. I call myself a student because you can never learn too much within astrology. Vedic is very spiritual to me and learning has helped me to assist others. Especially those that are considered Manglik.

In addition to my astrology background: I'm clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant and an empath. I've been a professional reader for 18+ years, using my gift incorporating astrology as well as the tarot, cartomancy, runes and oracle cards.

More about me:

-Moon in the 8th house/ Nakshatra: Purvashada
-Ketu in 12th house conjunct Jupiter/Nakshatra: Krittika
-Rahu in the six house with Uranus /Nakshatra: Chitra
-Darakaraka: The Sun
-Atmakaraka: Jupiter
- Yogas in Rashi: Vipreeta Raja Yoga (Vimala, Sarala) Parivartana, Chandra-Mangal, Vesi
-Navamsa Chart: Moon in 8th house conjunct Rahu in Scorpio in Navamsa
Main Yoga in my D9/Navamsa: Laxmi Yoga
Approach to Topics
To get the most information from your astrology reading with me, I recommend being prepared for a 15 minute minimum phone call. I'll need time to pull your chart(s) and analyze your houses and aspects. I will hone in on the topic you'd like to discuss, once I've pulled your chart.

All though I try and work as quickly as possible.I don't want to discourage you by rushing through information you may need or being too slow.

I would also recommend taking notes for key dates for phone consultations.

Other Paid Astrology Services on Keen:
*These are discounted prices thru June 30, 2021*
-Natal/Rashi Chart with houses 1-12 overview: $35.00
-Natal /Rashi Chart with houses including Asteroids: $45.00
-Best days for love: $29.99
-Best days for business: $29.99
-Compatibility Report: $59.99 ( You and your partner or potential partner)
- Why You Aren't Where You'd Like to be Here's How Report: $99.99 (uses in depth astrology methods, tarot, oracle, crystals) This report includes one initial 5 free minute quick consultation. and one 5 free minute follow-up consultation.
-Astrocartography Best places for you to live (short report)-$69.99

To purchase a report listed above:

-Go to your email inbox on Keen.
-Click on Compose and enter my name.
-Under "Type of Mail" select Send Payment.
-Send the amount listed for the report you'd like and in the title, please enter the report you'd like above.
-In the body of the email list your accurate date of birth, time of birth and where you were born. If you'd like to include anything relevant to your request, please do.
-Click continue/send.
-I will send you an email acknowledge back within 24 hours. Advising you of the timeframe as to when your report will be ready to send.

*No medical or legal related questions please!*

Reminder-For astrology based readings: I'll need your accurate DOB and time of birth including where you were born(country, city or county/state). Please allow 3-4 business days for chart and or report as I'm pretty swamped but will try and get back to you earlier.

You will find my approach is non-judgmental, compassionate and honest. I am here to guide you and will be here for you.

I will not waste your time or leave you feeling discouraged.

Feedback: I welcome all feedback and constructive criticism. This helps me improve my services. Sometimes the truth can be very painful. I promise to always be compassionate and honest with you.

Thank you for reading my listing!
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