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Is Greed Impacting Your life?

What does your tarot reading reveal about greed? Learn about tendencies toward indulgence and withholding in your past, present and future. Find out more!


When do the cards reveal your secret jealousy? Is it warranted or not? The Tarot knows your jealousy and can help you access more compassion. Find out more!


Are you satisfied? The tarot cards reveal much about your happiness and fulfillment in the past, present and future. Find out which cards to watch. Find out more!

Sexual Passion and the Tarot

If wild sex is in your future, your tarot cards will reveal all the details. Learn to interpret the cards to find out where the adventure will take you. Find out more!

Is He Cheating?

Is cheating ruining your relationship? Want to know for sure? The Tarot cards can tell you all about it, if you are really ready to hear it. Find out more!

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When a King appears in your Tarot reading suggests father figures and people in authority. It could be about your past, present or future. Find out more!

When a Queen appears in your Tarot reading, what does it say about the women in your life? What does it say about your future? Find out. Find out more!

Those Knights in shining armor rarely appear on cue. But they might show up in your tarot reading. Discover what the knight cards can do for you. Find out more!

What do the Page cards of the Tarot deck say about your life and level of maturity on your path? The answer may surprise you. Find out more. Find out more!

The sevens of the tarot awaken us to our higher purpose. There is a purpose to your existence! The seven cards point you toward your dream. Learn how!

Discover the six tarot cards featuring the number six. These cards represent the journey into harmony. Could they be coming up for you? Learn how!

Most people know the tarot deck provides insight into the future, but did you know you can also use it to discover past lives? Learn how!

Protection comes in many forms. Which is why you will never wear that garlic necklace again after you learn these tarot rituals for self-protection.? Learn more!

Most people know the tarot deck provides insight into the future, but did you know you can also use it to discover past lives? Learn more!

Tarot for kids? Sure. Using a slightly modified deck and reading method, children can discover themselves and life's possibilities. Learn more!

Want to forge a deeper bond with your pet? The tarot deck has the power to guide you and your furry (or feathered or scaly) friend. Learn more!

The tarot’s number eight cards pertain to boundaries and limitations. When they appear in your reading, what do the eights say about your life?

Are you ready for enlightenment? We look at empowering others and elevating the larger consciousness in the final segment of our Major Arcana series.

Learn about the second grouping of cards in the Tarot’s Major Arcana. These are the cards of transformation. How will you be changed?

Curious to know more about the Tarot deck? The cards teach us how to harness cosmic energy. Find out how the Major Arcana can empower you.

Are you likely to be more domineering or passive in the bedroom these days? Lustful energy is controlled or unleashed when readings include the five card. the five card.

While each card on their own seem to have little to do with each other, the cards numbered 4 in the Tarot are in fact united in reflecting certain themes.

If your Tarot reading features the suit of Swords, your life might be lacking in passion and pleasure as there’s a lot of thinking and communicating for you to do.

Incorporating themes of loyalty, bonding and indulging, learn more about how as a group the cards numbered 3 in the Tarot signify a unifying force.

When the things that you own or desire are dominating your thoughts, emotions and inspiration, expect to see the suit of Pentacles take over your reading.

While each card on their own seem to have little to do with each other, the cards numbered 2 in the Tarot are in fact united in reflecting certain themes.

Listening to your heart is the basis of this suit of the Tarot. Learn how your emotions will be the topic of a Tarot reading dominated by the suit of Cups.

Feeling fulfilled lately? Happy is the querent who sees The World appear in their Tarot reading as it confirms their highest achievements are being met.

With the holidays upon us, learn whether The Emperor, Three of Swords and The Star predict merry wassailing for you in the weekly Tarot forecast for December 23 – 29, 2010.

A very good omen to appear in your Tarot reading, the Six of Wands is the Tarot card of reaping rewards and enjoying the fruits of your victories.

A little crazed with chaos from the holidays? Find out what future The Lovers, The Sun and Knight of Cups predict for you in the weekly Tarot forecast for December 10 – 16, 2010.

If things in your life suddenly seem to be moving as if guided by some destiny, expect the Wheel of Fortune to make an appearance in your Tarot reading.

Concerned about the coming holidays? Find out what the Five of Swords, Five of Pentacles and Ten of Wands predict in the weekly Tarot forecast for November 24 – December 2, 2010.

When your Tarot reading features the Eight of Wands, it’s time to toss your creative abilities into the air and follow them to wherever they might land.

What future do the Ace of Wands, Two of Cups and Temperance Tarot cards foretell? Find out in the weekly Tarot forecast for November 12 – 18, 2010.

While his titles betrays an immaturity, the Page of Pentacles in your Tarot reading creates prosperity equal to your commitment to upholding the truth.

The weekly Tarot forecast for October 29 through November 5 makes for a Halloween of self-discovery and a journey of examining your deepest regrets.

Looking for a fun way to broaden your spiritual path and expand your awareness? Learn how using tarot cards for meditation can deepen your self-understanding.

When logic takes a back seat to matters of the heart and found unnecessary in dealing with the world, expect to see the Queen of Cups in your Tarot reading.

Discover the upcoming week’s predictions foretold by The Star, Nine of Wands and Two of Swords in the weekly Tarot forecast for October 15 – 21, 2010.

A great card indicating love in your Tarot reading, the Page of Cups at its worst recognizes that you have a lot to learn in your emotional development.

What news do the Six of Pentacles, Seven of Cups and The Fool foretell in the week to come? Find out in the weekly Tarot forecast for October 1-7, 2010.

If you are getting a Tarot reading and the Four of Cups appears, just having taken the step to acknowledge that your Tarot reader is needed is a big step.

Are the Nine of Pentacles, Strength and The Empress cards a good or bad omen for you? Find out in the weekly Tarot forecast for September 17 – 23, 2010.

Indicating genius is present in your work, the King of Wands also cautions you that it can be lonely when leading the charge in a successful quest

What do Five of Cups, King of Swords and Four of Cups have in store for you? Find out in the weekly Tarot forecast for August 20 – 27, 2010.

The card in the Tarot deck that represents relationships and choices, The Lovers can indicate that there is a struggle with temptation in your life.

A compliment to see in a Tarot reading, the Queen of Swords reveals you have plenty of experience from which to draw, but are genuinely interested in learning more.

What do the Four of Swords, Six of Wands and The Hierophant have in store for you? Find out in the new weekly Tarot forecast for July 23 to 29, 2010.

An auspicious card to be included in your Tarot reading, The Magician is the card that indicates the ultimate level of control over your life and the events in it.

An uncomfortable sight in a Tarot reading, Death is often misunderstood to foretell one’s end, when in fact it represents significant change in your life.

The calm leader and steady friend, the King of Pentacles in your Tarot reading indicates that you have met your goals and mean as much to the people in your life.

The paternal influence of the Tarot deck that asserts authority and absolutes, The Emperor assures protection and security for those playing by the rules.

Afraid that any effort will be wasted in the end? Look for the Eight of Pentacles in your Tarot reading, which assures that your hard work will yield the desired results.

Your days of sitting on the fence are done. The arrival of the Judgment Tarot card in your reading indicates it’s time to take a stand and make some hard choices.

Even if you’re ready for it, the Four of Wands is the Tarot’s way of letting you know that there is a surprise in store for you that will give you much joy.

From substance abuse to dysfunctional relationships, there’s no finessing The Devil Tarot card as it carries all the negativity surrounding the twin terrors of addiction & codependency.

A scene of seven temptations, the Seven of Cups appears in your Tarot reading when temptation offers temporary pleasures that could bring unforeseen permanent damage.

While an indicator in your Tarot reading that the glimmer of hope is about to shine in your life, be careful that the idealism of The Star doesn’t lead you astray.

Rest assured when this card is in your Tarot reading! Even in times of conflict, Temperance is the Tarot’s way of indicating peace won’t be arriving as it already rests within you.

Suspect someone isn’t being straight with you? The Ace of Swords will quickly cut to the heart of the matter and deliver the reality of the situation to you.

A reminder that change is often something out of your control, The Tower card shifts the timing of your Tarot reading from months to days into the future.

While usually not a good card to see in your Tarot reading, the Two of Swords is considered a blessing when found in the future position as it puts control of your future in your hands.

A great card to see in your Tarot reading, The Sun Tarot card not only indicates that all is going in the right direction for you, it also enlightens you on the direction your life must take.

A blissful scene of family life in the country, no card in the Tarot deck comes close to the Ten of Cups in illustrating the phrase "and they lived happily ever after".

Have you earned some recent success? The new independence and authority achieved from being on a winning streak will bring out the Two of Wands and into your Tarot reading.

One of the most sophisticated cards in the deck, the Strength Tarot card represents a higher level of consciousness that takes responsibility in order to master yourself and your world.

Bit of a control freak? Look for the Four of Pentacles, as it shows how you might be blocking needed stress relief about never having enough of what you want.

Some suspect that he brings bad news, but the Knight of Swords is just a warning of information arriving at an inconvenient time or delivered in an inelegant manner.

To see this card in the present or future position of your Tarot reading is cause for concern, as the Six of Pentacles carries a warning of "Be careful what you wish for".

A good omen in a Tarot reading, the Queen of Wands shows that your feminine energy enables you to accept life’s paradoxes and creatively solve them, happily.

A grim scene, it’s the Tarot’s sign of hitting rock bottom. If you’re running on empty or at a point where it can’t get any worse, look for the Ten of Swords.

Did you just win big or accomplish a goal? Get ready to appreciate your achievements, for a celebration is in order when The Chariot arrives in your Tarot reading.

A powerful admonition in the future position of a Tarot reading, the Two of Pentacles assures you that your many interests add up to one satisfying life path.

This Tarot card can either represent the pain you suffer or the pain you inflict on others. While a negative card, stay strong; the Three of Swords, too, shall pass.

When you’re fighting for something you believe in, expect to see the Seven of Wands in your Tarot reading. But does it indicate that you’re right or wrong?

Hoping to live happily ever after with your knight in shining armor? The Knight of Pentacles in the future position of your Tarot reading is the man you seek.

A card of both dreams & nightmares, take advantage of the opportunity The Moon Tarot card brings in your reading and exploit your imagination in creative pursuits.

A card of consequences, the Five of Swords is both a beacon of hope and a dire warning. Conduct yourself with integrity or expect a scandal when you least expect.

As you put in your time at the office, watch for the Three of Pentacles in the future position of your Tarot reading as it foretells big changes as you gain expertise.

A sign of an upcoming happy ending when it appears in the future placement of a Tarot spread, The Empress also warns that too much of a good thing can spoil you.

A typical card to see in a Tarot reading for people starting their own business, the Ten of Wands tends to appear when good intentions become a burdensome load.

While its appearance is a big blessing in a Tarot reading, the Seven of Pentacles is no guarantee that you will be getting the rewards you should be relishing.

When the need to dissipate drama in your daily life is peaking, look for the King of Cups to be making a calming & reassuring appearance in your Tarot reading.

While its appearance in the future position indicates something bad to come, at least the Nine of Swords shortens the forecast window to a few days, not months or years.

The card of innocence and childhood play, the Six of Cups can serve as a warning that you might be out of your league when adult wisdom would serve you well.

Neither good nor bad, The Hierophant Tarot card speaks of wisdom beyond the personal. It also is a sign of giving up your individuality for a group or cause.

Are you managing a project at work that requires a bold move? Look for the Knight of Wands, the card of sudden solutions arriving in a flurry of inspiration.

Have you been challenged to do the right thing? Representing a demanding challenge to your world, the Page of Swords reminds us that honesty is the best policy.

The Tarot deck’s card of true love, the Ace of Cups represents the culmination of a sacrifice that has been rewarded with satisfaction and a deep, lasting peace.

Do you have questions about a potential new lover or about your sex life in general? Learn how your psychic will find the answers in the Tarot’s Minor Arcana.

Cornered in a dilemma? The High Priestess assures us to trust our gut, stay coolly patient and wait to respond to provocations instead of provoking responses.

Wondering if you should move on? Keep an eye out for the Eight of Cups in your Tarot reading, as it’s one of the best indicators that it’s time for you to leave.

The nurturing mother archetype, is the appearance of The Queen of Pentacles in your tarot reading a representation of you, your potential or someone in your life?

A reflection on the joy you find in your friendships, the Three of Cups also cautions against mindlessly conforming in order to maintain your status in your clique.

While all work and no play will make you dull, the Five of Wands Tarot card warns that escaping into play will also make you lonely and unfulfilled.

When grieving or feeling lonely, the Six of Swords appearing in your Tarot reading signals the bottom has been reached and the slow process of healing has begun.

Carrying a sword and scales, she’s beholden to the law. The Justice Tarot card indicates there is a life-altering decision on your horizon, but what is it?

Its appearance indicates that a bond is forming between you and someone else. But is the Two of Cups pointing to rebuilding a burnt bridge, or meeting your soulmate?

While a bad situation may not be entirely your fault, the Eight of Swords reminds us to acknowledge our own role and, most importantly, it’s up to us to move on.

The correspondences between astrology and the Tarot are more significant than many realize. Discover what Mercury and The Magician Tarot card have to say about you.

Possibly the best card to land in the future position in a Tarot reading, the Nine of Pentacles also warns that boredom should be contended with, not abandoned.

Not sure where to start with the Law of Attraction? Consider enlisting the help of a tarot reader to help successfully manifest all that you desire.

The Tarot deck’s ’wild card’ is also the most controversial & one of the most powerful. Pay attention to The Fool to find out what your free will can create.

Are you working up the courage to strike out on your own in life or business? Look for the Ace of Wands, the ultimate card to reveal your path.

Is there a new authority figure in your life? Or are people turning to you for advice? A master of language, the King of Swords is at hand to dispense wise advice.

Both can be extremely accurate methods at predicting the future when practiced by a gifted advisor, but what other links are there between the Tarot and astrology?

Inspired but unproductive? Smooth-talking boyfriend insists on going dutch? When reality isn’t syncing with what you want, look for the Knight of Cups to explain why.

Representing a struggle either in your past or is headed your way, the Nine of Wands can indicate whether you’re holding your own or should be changing your position.

A conservative card in thought and deed, the Ten of Pentacles is surprisingly overflowing with material success. Who knew that it could be so boring to be rich!

When considering a new job or career, don’t ignore one of the most cost-effective personalized career advice options available – a Career Tarot Reading.

Some cards have to be the ones to break the bad news. Learn why Tarot card readers however do not consider the appearance of the Five of Cups as an upsetting event.

This card inevitably raises questions when it appears in a Tarot reading, but stranger still, The Hanged Man indicates that surrender might be your best way to victory.

This Tarot card indicates you should be careful about what you wish for. Find out why the Nine of Cups might give you something you might not want after all.

A welcome sight in a Tarot reading, this card is a gift of pragmatism and abundance spreading wealth your way. Read more about the Ace of Pentacles Tarot card.

The bearer of rest, retreat and escapism, this card is anything but a passive card and can foretell great creativity. Read all about the Four of Swords Tarot card.

The young page can indicate childish behavior or childlike creativity. Which is it? Learn what the youth of the Page of Wands means in your tarot reading.

Watch out for the thief in fez hat making off with swords - he could be an omen of infidelity or duplicity. Learn more about the Seven of Swords Tarot Card.

While the Five of Pentacles typically shows up during economic crises, this card can bring hopeful omens. Find out more about The Five of Pentacles Tarot card.

An indicator of hope and impending success, this is an exciting card to appear in any Tarot card reading. Find out more about The Three of Wands Tarot card.

One of the more mysterious cards in the Tarot deck is the Hermit. This card indicates a complex situation no matter where it lands in your Tarot reading

To divine the future, a psychic needs a divination tool. Find out the strengths and weaknesses to each one. Read more...

With its ancient symbols of Emperors and Queens, Swords and Knights, the tarot deck may seem like an outdated relic from the past. This is quite far from the truth. Read more...

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