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Finding a relationship can be very difficult, so connecting with a soulmate can seem almost impossible. Perhaps you’ve been single for a long time and you’re losing hope or maybe you’re in a relationship, but you’re not sure if this person is “the one”. Getting guidance from multiple sources can be incredibly helpful when it comes to navigating through the fog of love. Soulmate tarot card readings are a great tool to gain insight into your relationships. Partnerships of this nature can be very intense so choosing the right cards and spreads is imperative. Whether you’re a seasoned tarot reader or a beginner, it’s always helpful to learn more about which cards and layouts can be the most beneficial when it comes to matters of the heart.

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What is a Soulmate?

A soulmate is a person with whom you instantly feel connected. It could feel as if you’ve known this person before, and if you believe in reincarnation, you probably have. Soulmate connections are very similar to past life connections and twin flames. A soulmate is a person you are strongly attracted to and seem to instantly understand. Partnerships with soulmates can last a lifetime or be a short-term relationship. Regardless, it’s going to be a significant one that changes you who are as a person and how you love. Soulmates can be romantic or platonic, but the intense feeling of belonging to one another somehow feels the same. You can also have more than one soulmate throughout your life because you’ve lived multiple lives and had deep relationships with many people. These are very beautiful and intimate connections, and each experience should come with divine lessons and blessings.

Soulmate Tarot Cards

There are many cards in the tarot deck that can indicate positive things coming in for you, but in a soulmate reading there are four main cards that will show you if your true love is quickly approaching.

The Lovers – This is the ultimate soulmate card of the entire tarot deck. It represents significant relationships and lasting partnerships. If the lovers card comes up during a reading, it’s an indicator that you are currently with or about to be with a person who will be intensely connected to you. It’s a great card to get if you’re inquiring about love, marriage, and commitment.

Two of Cups – The meaning of this card relates to deeply intertwined soulmates and past life connections. You and your partner are very well matched and there is true compatibility between the both of you. There is an air of excitement and childlike wonder attached to this card as well. It symbolizes a fun dynamic between two people. The two of cups predict a great partnership that will last.

Four of Wands – This card signifies matrimony, unions, and taking your relationship to the next level. It represents coming together with loved ones in celebration, happy families, and long-term love. If this card comes up in a soulmate love reading it means a stable relationship is at hand. It predicts a happy family life and generational success.

Ace of Cups – Your cup is overflowing with love and success in the realm of relationships. Your heart is guiding you to your soulmate. Listen to your intuition and allow your emotions to point you in the direction of your next life partner. The Ace of Cups is a very lucky card to get in a love reading. It’s an indicator of long-term connections on a soul-satisfying level. Get ready for an abundance of love to flow in.

Soulmate Tarot Spreads

Tarot cards are an excellent way to provide you with insight into your love life. Now that you know which cards to look out for, here are three tarot spreads specifically designed to give you as much information about your current or potential soulmate.

Soulmate Energy Spread

This is a quick 3-card reading that gives an easy overview of your current relationship’s energy. This is a great one to use if you are with a partner and you’re unsure if they’re your soulmate or not. It’s also ideal if you’re short on time.

1. Your True Feelings About the Relationship

2. Their True Feelings About the Relationship

3. Outcome of the Relationship

Five Card Soulmate Spread

This reading is ideal for single people who are ready to experience a significant relationship with their next soulmate or a life partner.

1. Who is my soulmate?

2. When will I meet my soulmate?

3. What can I do to meet my soulmate?

4. Are there obstacles preventing me from meeting my soulmate?

5. What is my advice from the Universe?

Finding Your Next Soulmate Spread

If you are in between relationships and need some clarity on any future partners, this read provides and detailed look at how you can recognize a potential soulmate.

1. When will I meet my next soulmate?

2. Do we have a past life connection?

3. What is their purpose in my life?

4. How will I meet them?

5. How will I know they’re my soulmate?

6. Will they be a short or long-term soulmate?


Which Tarot Card Represents Twin Flame?

The Devil, The Tower, and The Sun are the cards that most commonly appear in twin flame readings. A twin flame relationship is not always easy, hence the Devil card, but it’s going to be a significant one. The Sun represents the childlike excitement we feel when we meet our twin flame. The Tower symbolizes a major life-changing event that is about to shake up everything we think we know about love.

What is a Power Couple in Tarot?

The power couple cards in the tarot are The Empress and The Emperor. If you see these two in a love reading, it means you and your current partner and perfectly and equally matched and you’re going to accomplish great things together. It’s the equivalent of a Queen and King partnership.

What Tarot Card Number is the Lovers?

The Lovers Card is the 6th card in the tarot deck. It’s a major arcana card. It comes after the Hierophant and before the Chariot. The number 6 represents Venus, the goddess of love and the planet of beauty. The number 6 also symbolizes the sacred union between partners. 

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Finding Your Soulmate

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Finding a soulmate is a magical and exciting experience. It’s no surprise most psychic readings are love related. With love comes the most enlivening and most heartbreaking experiences. Seeking out as much advice as possible is necessary. A loving soulmate connection is an ultimate gift. Tarot cards are a helpful way to gain insight into what the future will hold for your love life. If you’re single, you can consult the cards to see if a soulmate connection is on its way to you. A soulmate tarot spread can even be helpful if you need guidance in relation to a partner you may be with currently. Regardless, we hope you find a fulfilling and satisfying soulmate connection. We wish you the best of luck on your journey of love!

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